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Six hundred in a draw at plus three fifteen. The over is two point five under his two point five my my gambling heart. I just wanna bet on huntersville I always do, but on field every single time now putting at least five bucks one hundred zero. Okay, so recoil sin has a red card yet. He so that's one sweating come from. Mike Aquinas probably dead. Yes, he's dead. I don't know what happened to him or what his status is right now. I hope he's not that otherwise that's insensitive is shit, but Everton is missing to their you. Wolcott has been nice. I know which is bullshit. Where's at. For the past decade or over a decade. Do you walk out was technically like in the arsenal academy during the time? Yeah, he was like your youngest daughter, wasn't it like sixteen or some shit. What? The fuck, like any never was good one hundred years ago now. Sad. Faulk. Okay. I saw a picture of today and it made me real sad. So yeah, I mean, I couldn't even imagine you seem like a picture of like Keat. Whoa, like we'll take a ROY, ROY. Yeah. Could old fucking ROY. What a bad man I drawn this though. I say one fifteen. That's not bad. I would. Nope. Taking Huddersfield taking. I don't give a fuck. They're gonna win the league and we put money on Huddersfield every single week. I'm just gonna. I'm just because you know, we're going to lose like most of we, we're going to get one of them. Right. And the paid is gonna be fucking. Yeah, I'm gonna fucking ten bucks. I'm putting ten bucks hundred. Let's go. Fuck. I don't care if it's Goodison Park. Let's go moving on to. Now this is a pick em game. Literally the the definition of a pick him game West Ham versus Wolverhampton Wanderers you know, it's wolves, West Ham at plus one fifty wolves at plus one ninety drawl at plus two forty over is two point. Five plus fifteen under his two point. Five at mine is one forty Martin I mean, oh no. No, no. Sorry. I was looking at wrong stats. The overs two point five. So but the over minus one twenty the under is even. Yeah. I mean, I would actually. I'd put a lot of money on the wolves here because they, I mean, I've been, I've been good. They've been good in bottom. The league was zero points, and their goal differential is minus seven. Pellegrini is already saying like, this is a must win, and I love it. I told you this to get done to get on this west hand on this West Ham, spiral train. Yes. Speaking of West Ham, though. Fucking what's his name? Dave Teesta the gardens of Gallic the galaxy go. Yeah, there's a new movie coming out called the final score and it looks awful you like. I mean, I would watch it one time. It'll probably be entertaining, but essentially Batista goes to a West Ham game and they're going to bomb and blow up the entire stadium while games going on to the whole thing is you have ninety minutes to figure out how to save all these people and take care of these hostages or the tire stadium will blow up. It's match going. Like a straight to DVD movie like his, but like Pierce Brosnan isn't it? And he has a sick beard. I'm serious and so look it up final score. We posted it on our Facebook and Twitter, the trailer. I it the the poster Instagram song. Is there a match going on? There's during. That's why it's ninety minutes. There's a match going on while Tista is running around killing guys and like trying to take down terrorists. I wanna put a caveat on this. I wanna. West Ham. I'm gonna. I'm gonna talk film director right here. This would be a more suspenseful movie than having Dave body stay k. is that his first name, Dave? Yeah. Okay. I think AK VIN diesel partout but a better plot to it is instead of having Dave Bautista running around killing terrorists and ninety minutes to save the entire stadium..

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