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Your house property. Anything legal. Give me a call a 307084789. And yes, I do. Real estate. Yes, I do all kinds of stuff. But, you know, I've been a blessed man. All my life and Always been real estate, buy houses to fix up and flip and just I want to be the best I can be. I want to do what's right. You know, It's amazing when we're flipping a house, flipping a house with a real estate person of mine. I've got a great real estate team. Just give me a call. And we made an offer on this house and bought it and we're fixing it all up. We're spending boat. Probably 45,000 on it and making it right if you don't have the money to fix up a house gimmick. Oh, uh, if you got a vehicle land around About the good The bad and the ugly. Tell 20 people to call Randy Adams ate three of 70 a 4789 until 20 people list my radio show. Uh, 20 people to go to my website. Learn to buy and sell cars dot com. Thank you. I have so many listeners coming in my car Lot near Brownsville is Randy Adams ink just to meet me just to thank me just to talk to Mae. I've had just one family. Leave me the car said Hey, go sell the car. Send us the money. I said, What do you want for the car? And I said, Whatever is fair, and I said, Well, give me a price. He said No, we've ours so much. We've helped our family so much. We want to reward you if you know impious for this car. We think we're way ahead. I said, No, that's not right, You know? And so I ended up buying the car made him take the money. What made a little money went but see my overhead. You gotta understand overhead. My overhead is so cheap because, Oh, I'm a lot off my car's I'm a blessed man. I got lots of ways of making money with real estate and with so much others with violence, company and opportunities and just I don't live over my head. You know a lot of these car dealers mostly scar salespeople in cardigans live over their heads. They spend so much money. Well, that all ties into how much money they gotta make. And I'm writing a book from the last 57 years of the car business in my life. Oh, and there's been so many changes used to be a lot of honest car dealers, and I remember when dealerships the owners would just thrilled on one dealership. And now hundreds. Not enough, Then they're not cash cows. Believe me, they are ma'am, Every new car dealer I know most about. More and more dealerships make more and more money winners enough. You know, I mean, it's it's run across something that was pretty cool. I thought and it kind of describes may a little bit if you can't figure out your purpose. Figure out your your passion for your passion will lead you directly to your purpose. What is your purpose in life? I mean where I'm a short time. I'm 71 years old. I've lived a great laugh. I've been prosperous all my life. You have had some hiccups and ups and downs been busted twice in my life, but you know what, Like, Alabama says. You can't keep a good man down and I'll tell you what, you can't keep a good woman down. You know what is your purpose? What is your passion? Can you put them together and make him work? Always lazy and not want to get it done. Are you lazy? But you know, too many people jump up on a Saturday morning and I run down there to buy a new car dealership not prepared. Not doing her homework, not studying, not understanding the game playing not having a game plan, not understanding you're going against 30 40 people. And it's just like now, new car dealers a hammer you in the service department. Are you about to spend a total gentleman? Your butt's been $8000 on your vehicle. It is an older gentleman. He's kind of worried about getting me with telephones waiting. Pick up the phone and get help. Get records. Get friends get somebody. When they got us convinced that we're going to break down. We're going to spend a lot of money. But we saw your new car. Your car is going to be worth now more than any and then they pick up another three or 4000 on your trade in Well, be prepared for a battle for your before your budget for your lifestyle for year. Everything that's tied together with buying a car. And you know what the Ford is now is that they're having record record year and they were shut down for three more months. Hey, new car dealers on record record months. Hey, They went up on the price because of manufacture. Shut down. They're worried about running out of cars and man. They made tremendous amount of money. And then the government sent most of them three to fight while all of 3 to 5 million to pay for you. They're rich, and they're utilities in their employees and this that the other Man you don't like that's for doing a half months. They know that new car dealerships caused two million a month. Open the door. And where do they make that money? Where did forward make that money on the public on the customers didn't follow this guy. No man follows Got that profit fell out of your pocket Your budget A manor left and always the banking. They're gearing up to do it again. And what's going on? Hey, with not far from December to remember. Oh, man is going to be the greatest deals. We didn't get you zero interest rate with her to get you on December. Weird to remember you going. Hey, Won't you buy your honey are your spouse a new car?.

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