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The news the day and republican jesus right after this emme i mean today on the thom hartmann university book club were reading from barbara on eggers book october surprise exit were surprised the book is about was the nineteen eighty reagan campaign led by bill casey who reagan later made the head of the cia but he was reagan's campaign director in 1980 about their actions with the iranian government putting a deal were of the iranians would hold the hostages throughout the election of 1982 make jimmy carter look bad in week than if they won the election they would sell weapons to iran which of course is a deal with they capped we know of this is the irancontra scandal some reading from the very last chapter it's the epilogue and it's titled a kinder gentler nation president reagan's signed intelligence authors asians in 1984 1985 which were considered licenses to kill according to top government officials as we have seen oliver north an end amiram nears usisraeli covert operations were authorized by a still secret accord never revealed the congressional intelligence committees as required by law which may have also authorized political sas an assassinations in the name of counterterrorism we have seen the vice president george bush is this the elder met with amiram near in israel in late 1980's six when he could have signed the accord with israeli prime minister shimon peres for whom near worked author seymour hersch as charged oliver north of being president reagan's assassination planner we've reviewed reports that north boasted anyone who leaker threatened to reveal the administration secret iran initiative would be hill and that some of the north secord hakim team were reportedly involved in political assassinations under the umbrella of counterterrorism even this context it's instructive to know what has happened to many of the individuals who reportedly involved in or knew about the secret negotiations between iran and the 1980 reaganbush campaign and or about secret us arms deliveries to the komeini regime in the early 1980's then she goes through the list of people dead william casey cia director reportedly attended meetings in paris france on october nineteen in 2019 eighty with iranian officials and agents of french intelligence to arrange an arms for hostages delay deal with iran the morning of casey's first scheduled under oath testimony before the senate until it's committee on the secret iran initiative it was struck by seizures in.

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