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They need to be strategic on how they reinvent themselves praising at this point they really need to go for it in some runs having able to the that coolness associated like you know is actually cool to shop there is actually he makes me look good to buy things in the space it goes is his maher i can get like fantastic brother that i would prize so i hope that the is going to be the first of many initiatives saarc roma zeroduty rozier mer abare where more articles burn water uh in brazil motorists you distill says if amelia name their eight two year old so legendary cartoons have been entertaining children for decades and now they are making their way to comic book patriots in japan a new book features dassault service public eric to monica and her friends on a school trip to japan in a story about s aimed at helping migrants from brazil cecil into their new lives monaco's fed nantes are we supposed take your ongoing ilott's joins me now in the studio welcome to the program so good you first tell me a bit more about this artist absu william what motivated you saw the he's the most famous keats cartoonist in brazil and anything guy we agree of me there's no kids that doesn't know who he is and who is the most famous cartoon he did was the monica's gang or a tumor the morning we've load of interesting characters and michael just so you know we have a you know a theme park of m often at goma the morning we have ff.

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