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That was like an old Bill Parcells thing shout out to the NFL. He was like I wanna be able to cook. Gotta by the grocery. And Tibbs is he ever going to coach again you saw? He's I think he's too stubborn for his own good. And I think what we've seen is his method may be sort of short term. Okay. But long term. I don't think it really works and longtime I made over the course of the season as well and play his tend to break down on the even though we had an MVP at defensive player of the year. He had some good Moines or achievements aero. I guess more than mine. But I just I just think players won't relate to the way that Tibbs coaches anymore. That's a possibility. I think something also goes face Ciller wrote that really stuck with me as his whole calling card is defense. Yes. And you know, that's his claim to fame defense. You know, he did it time after time in Chicago, you know, implemented the system that helped to win a championship with the Celtics when he was in the system coach, but the wills never were great defensively. So that's like if that's your thing. And you you had three years, and, you know, on paper to appear to be some defensive look. Guys. I know they're not gonna and I understand they're not. No, I get that. But they shouldn't be ranking twenty seventh twenty fifth and seventeenth this year on that side of the ball if that's your thing. And that might just be because the the game has changed and a lot of teams figured out how to play that better his whole icing defense there. And so I don't know I, but it's the NBA back. Sure. Larry drew got another job. Larry, drew Costa punch. And now he has a head coaching job. These guys always get ran back. Scott Scott had a ton of jobs Franco was heavily jobs. He'll be back someday be back. He's just needs to take some time being an assistant coach the defense is great. This guy won a bunch of games with the bulls. Remember that he hadn't MVP? Yeah. He's a sixty one we found. Okay. We'll see. All right moving on here on Sunday. We learned that Chandler Parsons crew with the grizzlies is likely over two sides agreeing to a separation will on Monday handsome, Chandler told woes that he's disappointed that he couldn't finish the season with the Grizz and insisted he's ready to play and committed to getting back on the court quote. I am extremely disappointed that I didn't get to finish the season alongside my teammates. And the Memphis coaching staff. Unfortunately that option wasn't presented to me. He is owed almost forty million dollars from that original four year ninety four million dollar max contract that he got. Reports are that the grizzlies are going to look to find a trade and move them. But they don't want to include a first round pick to make that happen, which you gotta assume it would it would cost you for a team to take on that contract though. They said they would take on money what you would have to but long-term deals or whatever just to get them out of there. Who knows you last night show Taft, you're much more likely that we see some sort of if trailer really really wants to play in the NBA, and it's not going to be for the grizzlies some sort of biot- agreement and leaves I guess some money on the table. Yes. Yeah. And even if it's a trade that you take money back. I mean, that's essentially by as well. Yeah. I don't see another way myself. It's a little mellow wish, you know, Oklahoma City driving or setting him to Atlanta. The the grizzlies could just wait on this. And then he becomes an expiring deal in the summer like in going into his final year..

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