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It is. Yeah, my favorite is when we get soup, which just makes all kinds of sense. It's just like changes every time to either dude or soup. Some of our shows too. I think I think someone else is trying to take coats. They are dear. They, he's taking dude. I don't know. I'm just president wild. Get it off, get it, get it. Yeah. I do think it he made the what I mean. I really invented the what did I didn't know that? Oh, actually didn't know that because if you're talking about his gay. He invented the what and as we know, the word dude is reserved for game though. He likes dudes. Joke was waste of smart. Pretending to know what you're talking about. This now. Invented the one dude. What's the context of that? I mean, was it started as a mix of something with attitude MU added to do. Yeah, I think it was like duds with attitude, meaning like close. I'm not really sure duds. I don't know. Maybe he was talking about dudes that wait a minute. He invented the one. That's the whole thing about own brothers. Or the Coen brothers, and then we get what dude was a minute by Oscar Wilde his friends. It came from attitude and. Yeah, does close. Those are typically close, isn't a dud, like something that isn't great. That's. When you're wearing duds, those are close. I promise you that I promise. In the early nineteen hundred. So that's why I don't know how old the would duds is, because that one makes sense to me if it's duds attitude, meaning like we're a bunch eightieths and we have attitude. That makes sense. But. Well, who knows? All right anyway. Great. Joko on. Guys, we've we've been goofing off too much. We gotta get back on that clo- out this podcast. So, yeah, there was there was an incident lately or rather. A while ago. Yeah, unfortunate. Freezing in the middle of a very broad and actually diverse interview which was about rockstar games at Ranan. Volkers. Let me throw this over here allow. Yep, we got a big TV screen use it color impressed. So this was actually really cool interview rockstar games specifically either of the house, there's Dan or Sam Houser. Brightly writers at rockstar host of other titles to typically don't give interviews because they actually say in like the first paragraph, I think this is Dan Houser is saying like it creates. Let's see, here we go, quote, lots of girls only want to speak to you or have sex with you because you're famous and in exchange for that, you give up your whole soul. So they actually kind of reject the idea of any kind of celebrity. So they don't talk about their work much. They don't do many interviews, they don't go to eat three. So this was kind of cool except that buried in this interview was the foam and quote. We were working one hundred hour weeks several times in two thousand eighteen. Dan says the finish game includes three hundred thousand animations. Five hundred thousand lines of dialogue and many more lines of code even for each read. Why am I blanking on the are it's not reloaded Rev redemption. Thank you. Revolution, your brain red dead, even. Thank you. That's why you're here Barbara. TV commercial quote we wasn't as but Dunkel..

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