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Jd mckissic you mentioned the gibson in your News segment not expected to play pretty much Not in good form. Forty five hundred bucks for jd. Because this week san francisco. Which i think they'll probably use more as running game as far as more check. Downs for him He had ten targets last week. That's pretty good. Brennan hundred bucks against san francisco forty nine hundred author. I mostly about that Obviously gibson plays these still like that. I get some place 'cause they actually put the mountains on the field at the same time so you know they run the same. They run around together Mckissic is more of a pr back into gibson but with gibson that plan they might give them more russia's as well all right we'll see about mckissic to share how i feel about him but thing with him. He's a big game plan. Guy you see elks withdraw back forty fifty times to throw because it will produce aspect that game to be a. It'd be a good game. I think both teams have similar offensive style. Whether tried to move the ball in different ways taizhou misdirections and things of that nature. So i don't. I don't expect them to do at twenty point game can give me fifteen points sixteen points for a free nine hundred bucks. I won't be bad guy. Like pie. haven't said him since. Maybe we two or three. This year zeke. This week okay. He playing the bengals. Six six hundred dollars out the workload is still there. He's had over twenty touches. Four boys five games. Cincinnati the last weekend to allow gaskins gaughman in interest gibson to get about seventeen points. So gimme zeke. Game plan will benefit him. And i think we've cowboys will win a game. Yeah look i. I i'm vic fangio or fortunately traded a lot to get him. Fortunately i'm still in the first place. So i'm watching what i was gonna watch them closely in. It's frustrating ceesay. Go out on like sure. Yard like thirty one to twenty dollars. What are you doing. You know what i mean but added expect them to get. The ball ezekiel get back survived targets. I think. I don't think he's been healthy. The past couple of weeks. Either so maybe. He's a little bit healthier this week. So we'll say i'm a ride. The hot hand this week. Go my boy. David montgomery sixty five hundred bucks against houston past two weeks. No surprise with beckham starting lineup. Twenty eight points week. Twelve twenty seven points against detroit thing with montgomery is a coral. Patterson had thirteen Snaps at running back last week. And he ran about ball ten times for deny yards and a touchdown so that might be the only concern anything about him but he still evolved in. Pr in six targets the week before for targets last week Houston's defense is is. His underrated is pretty good but I still think he'll be to find some room against the defense say. Montgomery monty has been hot but to get around him and he's been he's been pretty consistent to. He's only had two game three games this year. has value so this is the highest been all year. Sixty five hundred. Yeah so so expensive. In august zeke's i think zico slightly will run but obviously very well that easy biting the.

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