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Amazoncom by the way okay thanks george okay they'll have it yet crawley hands a great one across the did the hand of a debt astronaut comes crawling back from the grave destroying called the living why would they pick a debt astronaut because it was the early fix steve everything either was atomic our team from space all that's true too let's go next to steve in carmel valley california welcome to the program stephen go ahead yeah thanks to short chairman mr lobo yeah anyway this movie came out and eighty one and i think this is like the coolest the soup special fact i've ever seen and ask you if you can figure this went after there was this one see where the guy next records off the table and it had become detached sure you're talking about the thing that man then the defining lakes come out and is head walks away yeah john carpenters version of the thing gray which is which is closer to the book uh who goes there which is what the howard hawks version of the thing is face on and the prequel was pretty good too is unreal i what i you know i i the prequel did not grabbed me uh ha i must say but you know i keep trying keep making them but the at the original fight another i'll try another thing we've just got to get it right of the original thank was great to you have that 50s john run all that you know oh sure nato and there was they held a candid dialogue worthy of dialogue was overlapping and yeah that was very unusual you know usually in key one movies li spoke almost like this is if they were doing radio you know that right into feng the original thing that the dialogue the banter was especially candid and that was very uh unusual for that film and it gave it a real is meant that movies of that time to tell half yeah it was.

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