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In California forty-eight, and especially if you happen to be part of the population that Ilan Omar hates if you're in the Jewish community in California forty-eight when Harley route at comes into town and does a gripping grin and coffee and a town hall and get to know me thing show up and ask him. Why it is he refused to condemn a raging anti Semite like Ilan, Omar. I have people that listen to this show in California forty-eight, you're right up the coast from us. And I wanna know why he refused to Connecticut. Even Chuck Todd who will tolerate literally anything. I mean, have you ever seen John Heilmann with that mush mouth on the show are crazy? Jennifer Rubin on that show or bullet head Steve Schmidt. We don't see him anymore because he advises Schultz, but he will take he will take talking points from anybody anybody, he was even aghast. He's like you guys really think this resolution to take. Go after quote bigotry, and all that kind of stuff you really think that went far enough at this one. Look, we learned something Ilhan, Omar is an anti Semite. She has to wear that label until proven otherwise, you are the sum total of the positions. You take when you are a politician. She's not sorry any apologies. She issued she issued in private to people like Jan Schakowsky anything. She said you can take with a grain of salt because she came out today and started sailing Barack Hussein Obama as a as a bad, man. Now, listen, I'm not going to get in between these two as they go to rumble. I'm just hoping this is finally the magic move that is going to isolate her from the general community of people who are attempting to pass policy in Washington DC. It is a huge mistake to think that this is a person who you can reasonably work with. This is somebody who is upholding some of the worst values and worst. Inclinations in the world today. This is a person who is oddly comfortable with the rhetoric of hate and the castigation of groups, and I'm telling you this right now, folks,.

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