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Timing routes passing concepts to either create traffic for the defense or work dies loose and use that to really get the ball out of the quarterback hands quickly and safely yet. That is what they want to do. Really use the passing game is more of an extension of their running game and running ball. Antonio gibson is a solid running back. He's not big but he's quick. He's got really good vision. Really good contacts balanced tough to get on the ground like you have to make a concerted effort to tackle him. Otherwise he is going to squeak through and pick up two or three yards that he really shouldn't and Say jd mackenzie again another quick undersized but quick running back really dangerous receiver out of the backfield and gibson is. They're belco. I mean this guy had over twenty carries in this game. He did fumble the football twice which was devastating in led to the chargers winning this game essentially because washington ended up forcing a turnover late in the game and then on the very first play gibson. Put the ball on the ground Allowed the chargers to maintain their twenty sixteen lead a little scared of antonio gibson from the sense that he he's about two hundred twenty pounds plus he's a fit kit and these difficult to bring down. He's a dual threat. That you can definitely can definitely be used out of the backfield even know jd. Mckissick is their primary receiving back but last week gibson had five targets. Mckissick had one. So they're going to use gibson in that in that role as well as for logan thomas interior maclaurin tire maclaurin can be effectiveness. Shore the intermediate and the e portions of the ball. That he caught from taylor heineke where he was tracking in his head was parallel to the ground was just incredible and i am a little bit concerned about the match. Up of these safeties against logan. Thomas converted quarterback turned himself into one of the better tight ends in the national football league. Incredibly big body type of guy. I think it'd be really really annoying in quick game. Which is something. The giants struggled when they lined up at man coverage last week's the giants continue to want to Attempt to play man coverage than. I think there could be mismatches. Exploited with these running backs against the giants linebackers with logan thomas against the safeties. I think bradberry could matchup against mclaren but mclaren indefinitely best bradberry man coverage because we saw last week bradberry was not the best nine believe bradberry has always been more of his own corner than a man corner although he can play man coverage for terry maclaurin the very very good receiver that cannot be slept on even though it is taylor heineke Ball just one more guy. I want to draw attention to is the rookie out of north carolina. That diani brown he. His guy kinda caught my during the draft process. He's not big six foot one eighty five. He's not fast four five but over his last two seasons at north carolina. He averaged twenty yards a catch. He i think he's good. Off the line of scrimmage has got quick feet solid release and he's good at Working himself open down the field. He didn't do a whole lot against the chargers but they did look at him a fair bit so i think he could be a guy to keep your eye on if they have to look off of terry maclaurin yet. I would take dorie jackson in a match up with the brown but if you start to see the ball go his way. Don't be too surprised if he makes a player too. So i think the the one thing that we can highlight from all the stuff that you guys laid out here that they do have some underrated weapons and it's kinda like you know any any week where we can just assume that the giants defensive game plan is going to be effective but if they're not prepared for some of these secondary options they could potentially gash them if they even if they do an effective job of slowing down terry maclaurin. Any of other guys could be open and available for big gains. We've seen antonio gibson have some big games against the giants last season when he was a rookie and if he to be successful. It's going to be partially depending on if the actually holds onto the football and like what he did in week one. But you mentioned. Also nick the the importance of giving logan thomas the ineffectiveness of covering tight ends in week. One was very apparent and that is something that needs to be corrected on a short week. They're going to need to be prepared to go against logan. Thomas who we know is a fantastic athlete and for whatever reason athletic tight ends tend to be a struggling issue for this giant secondary. Last bit offensively before we transition to the defense this office of line. I think is. It's tough to really figure out. How consistent that. They are because a chase their center very strong so far. He's looked really good. Since taking over that spot he was one of the guys that was tied for pass. Rush win rate in week one with nick gates and some other notable names. But then you've got former john eric flowers. You've got charles leno. they drafted sam cosmi. I feel like overall. This group has some quality players but they're fairly inconsistent. This might be a good week for the defensive line to really establish the line of scrimmage and maybe bottle up the run game because they have some mismatches on that offense and defensive line. That's what i'm hoping happens to be honest because leonard. Like if you watch the game against the broncos extra lawrence was being held a solid amount. And i'm not complaining about. They're not being called holding happens. But i saw lawrence pushing the pocket and flushing teddy bridgewater out. Bridgewater was good on the run. Extemporised clays and leonard williams. I mean he. He was tallied for six pressures. It didn't jump off the screen..

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