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Which is i refer to it as a juicy kenwood has a few wireless andrew daughter receivers it's going to show off at the show both are going to have twelve eighty by seven twenty hd displays and who will first showed off this wireless idea at i o in 2017 i didn't get to see this urgently i wasn't even aware that that's wait that's exactly what was being my was either until after the first provides i think it's great idea because it's essentially the equivalent of putting like a garmin sized thing in your car and just having it more hooked into the car which or whatever literacy is already have assume in your car permanently road if it suits wireless or maybe they're so or maybe you can hook up your phones you it through annexed through like another cords so that way you put this in the dash and then when you get into the car but not will were already doing while not i'm not i don't have under at auto but as an award would you already do can phone to your android auto oh receiver and it's not doing any of the data stuff it's all streaming from your phone so i'm thinking like it in this case it's the whole idea of light it's it's kinda like pudding you're having a wireless era watch that doesn't need to be tethered to your phone anymore it's like road has all the data and everything which is great it probably requires an extra day to fee if if that's the case so we saw why five powered andretto technology at icao which makes me wonder where this wifi is coming from.

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