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Big international climate Summit wrapped up at the White House today. The talking is the easy part. Of course. Now comes the actual doing. Cutting of emissions and greening of economies. One of big selling points that President Biden's been hitting on back since he was candidate. Biden is that taking on climate change is going to create a whole lot of economic opportunity, and along with that opportunity, a whole lot of jobs. What kind of jobs though, and for whom? Marketplaces. Samantha Fields is on that story. If the U. S actually does what President Biden wants to do, and spends billions or trillions of dollars on clean energy and infrastructure and tackling climate change, it will create millions of jobs across all sectors of the economy, says Robert Poland, an economics professor at U Mass. Amherst. The largest proportion of jobs Aaron construction electrician's rue Furs. Plumbers pipefitters a lot of manufacturing jobs, many in clean energy, including wind and solar. But Jason Walsh at the Blue Green Alliance, says a lot of those new jobs are not being created in the same places where oil and coal and natural gas jobs are being lost. A solar jobs being created in California does not replace a cold economy job in eastern Kentucky. So we have to be very intentional and targeted about pushing investment into the communities that have been on the hurting end of this energy transition. That means going beyond job retraining programs, which often haven't worked that well, Poland says. It includes 100% tension guarantees. It includes reemployment guarantees a guaranteed job, and the job has to pay the level that the current job pays in East Kentucky. Coal mining jobs are the highest paying ones around, but they've been dwindling for years since Peter Hilly of the nonprofit Mountain Association, We had a mono economy here for more than 100 years and resource extraction economies drain a place and the question is, how do we create More diverse economy so that when anybody loses a job, they've got multiple options. So there isn't just one industry in the community. He says that so many people are relying on.

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