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Toward the end goal. My aunt goal was to write music that I felt like that something that had a place, you know, documentary history and not history literally. But you know, thing it's time to place on who we are in our humanity. And I always like. More right. That are. More practice. The better player. I become the more. I study other records etcetera producer become and putting in the hours and being into the joy of the work as opposed to excitement as the outcome. And it's you know, it's similar to sports in that. There's a lot of a lot of work that goes into it before you even hear the starting gun go off, and it's the preparation sick at you to the starting blocks. And then what happens after that is where you know, fear. It comes in and motivation, and grit and determination apathy, and all of those things that create the ones percents a greatness. But it's it's all the preparation that goes into it before you ever get say that you know, that creates that creates the outcome and being into the process. So they has always been. What has been the thing? I can look at. And I could I could Mark on timelines I've gotten much better than it was in nineteen you know, ninety six I started. And that's you know, that's you have to be that. Otherwise, there is there is no great reward. Even winning the awards. It's difficult to own those words that really intrinsic Elman unless you know, what you put into it. That seems to be. Almost a metaphor for, you know, your whole life, you know, reading your history. And and obviously, listen to your music, you know, comes across. That, you know, you're telling stories, but it seems like, you know, your life is all about there's a process to get to where you're going in the processes as you said that ends up becoming the focal point rather than than the end. I was lucky I grew up in a small town in the sixties and seventies. I I was born in fifty two so times war different than that mom and dad that were just, you know, they were they raise us with what we used to refer us a good spirit and work ethic. And they believe this. And that if you work hard that you'll get where you're where you're wanting to go you work hard, and you do your best and things happen. And you know, the music business is sort of anesthetic to that. Well, maybe not necessarily totally go, but you know, for for a woman in the music business, particularly business that's run by. Predominantly by men. The record stations are predominantly run by mail music programmers. You know, it's just women have their place, and it's been really it's almost like what Billie Jean King went to the idea that we'd actually have to fight to be treated as real artist. Like, what she did as, you know, women getting paid for their athletic ability, like men, do it's you know, it's been slow going and attitudes have been. Have been sort of behind the times, but it's all catching up, and I'm glad to see that happen. But yeah, you know, I I think the struggles it's the time that you fall down, and you get back up at your your drive, and that that sort of fortify, your perseverance internationally. And it also gives you that story. You mentioned something about catching up, you know. And you know sports in America. I think women have earned a certain place in the sports world earn being the the key word they've earned it. And now, you you you look at you know, when I was a kid, I'm just a little bit older than you are. But the the music on. There was very few women that were prominent in the music world. And now, you know, you look at whether it's, you know, pop or rock or jazz or. You name it hip hop that. It's unbelievable. How many women are at the forefront of the music world today. And you feel like you were part of like the beginning of of that wave that happened. Think. Well, I think I was at the beginning of producing as a female. I was probably one of the very first females ever produced a record on her own that was a commercial success and one of the I think one of the first one actually sees opportunity without the support of. Record levels or anything else? I just basically went in and started making my record and..

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