Walmart, Nafta, Anne Cates discussed on Sean Hannity


To the world third largest retailer only trailing walmart and kroger it now is over 700 worldwide locations across eleven countries i tim shelters as small asteroid is set to speed by earth this fall which is exactly what nafta's planetary defence coordination office is equipped to handle the space rock fly by it said putting anyone endanger rather it's an opportunity to test the agency's planetary defence systems and the event of an actual asteroid threat the asteroids brief swing by earth on october twelve isn't expected to get any closer than forty two hundred miles from the earth surface i'm anne cates hey america we need to have we've got more food contrary let settings in neighoring america's struggling with hunger much no sense luckily the feeding america nationwide network of food banks has volunteers gathering excess food and getting it to hungry kids they're kinda like food angels hey become a food angel yourself by supporting feeding america and your local food bank at feeding america guide alike we can't do it without you are how back to you by feeding america and the ad council and ksfo traffic in oakland eighty west at paolo wreck had two middle lanes blocked the baybridge eastbound is heavy and slow on the peninsula 101 north of the hillsdale on rapper moved to the right shoulder east basics ad north at lombarno record the gorth wide and heavy and slow one six eighty north of two so nol 84 east coming up that important bridges slow also slowing eastbound on the san mateo bridge that's k as apoe traffic i'm robert can and crowley think fast.

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