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Calm We're here to help. W T O P at 1, 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS. We have Steve Dresner and the Traffic Center and in Virginia John updates us on the recent situation in Centerville. Westbound 66 after 29 crazy activity was clear. But John now tells us the work zone is set up, blocking the left lane and causing a bit of a delay spatters. It will be slow from route 50 down to the capital Beltway, and that's basically volume to Liza. Best North bound on 95. We start to bunch up in the Dale City area over the Occoquan a better ride once you're north of Lorton in Maryland, on the Capitol, Billy the outer loop approaching route 50 crash activity just before 50 now cleared from the road, Wayne Montgomery County Interlude crash being reported after New Hampshire Avenue. On the right side of the roadway. Northern issues were funding on 95 or on the BW Parkway. Megan Phones in updating US also on the situation on South Bound 15 and the Frederick area after Route 40 and the exit for Patrick Street. We have a truck on its side. The right shoulder on Lee gets by on the south bound lanes. Of route 50 transforming Hell through the power of art of Prince George's Community College Center for Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Theater and more connect with our creative community. At P G c c dot e d u slash arts Steve Dresner w t o P Traffic and the forecast Now from Chuck Bells, sunshine with a high of 42 degrees this afternoon, But obviously all eyes in the Weather Department are on your Wednesday..

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