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Well, then how did how did he women seven against Jeff Bearing in his book, The Last Days of New Yorker reporters true tale. When New Yorkers see Giuliani who nobody can believe a Republican could win? He won. He did a great job as the as the U. S attorney Southern District. He did a great job as the mayor. I talked to Giuliani recently. We're friends, he said that it takes seven years. To undo one year's worth of bad maring or bad leadership in New York, and I think he's probably onto something with that. So how does a guy like De Blasio win? What did people think he was going to do? Um, you know, I think New Yorkers have gotten, uh, complacent after 20 years of Republican leadership and, you know Firm with a firm hand on on public safety. And you know de Blasio. He I guess he pitched, you know, he pitched an appealing message that to some people, and also you know, he has a black wife and that appealed to the black black population in Brooklyn who voted strongly for him. And you know, in New York City. There's very low turnout. These elections get like, you know, 25 2025% turnout, so it doesn't you don't need that many votes to win. It is Seth Baron B A. R R O N Chef Baron NYC over on Twitter get His book is called The Last Days of New Yorker reporters. True Tale. Um, it's an eye catching title. Seth and I don't want to be the last days of New York. Um, could it be subtitled? It could be the last days of New York. If this doesn't happen, or are you literally saying the apples done? No, you know, I mean, look, the title is stark and grim. I'm not going to say that New York is necessarily dead and buried New Yorkers or resilient bunch, and I think we could turn things around. But it's going to take an enormous amount of political will. You know one thing that's you know, a lot of people very excited about the election coming up, and they're hopeful that the next mayor might be able to turn things around. However, the progressives over the last seven years have very cleverly, um, uncertain poison pills into legislation. I mean, they basically codified chaos. They've passed before criminal justice reforms. Bail reform Discovery reform the right to know law, the diaphragm law. There's a whole series of of of new laws that make it very hard for the police and prosecutors in the courts. To actively pursue crime again, Maybe dumb talk show question, but Why? Why does anybody look? It's not criminal justice reform If there is no justice at all for anybody, it's not criminal justice reform. We just say crimes aren't existing, okay? It was a crime, but we're going to prosecute it. We'll let you go on your own recognizance and no bail. That doesn't make any sense. So is there an answer to why? What do they achieve other than anarchy or de funding of police? And what has that got us more death, more crime or ma'am? Well, you know, the clearest statement on this comes from Alexandria, Ocasio. Cortez, who just the other day said that, um, the reason why there's that there's high crime neighborhoods. Is because they're over policed, and that's something Yeah, that the police are essentially, um The police aren't either, like manufacturing crime, just arresting people or their debt. They inspire the over police to commit crimes. But you hear this in the mayoral race people saying, Look Safe neighborhoods with low crime. Don't have police in them. They have lots of resources, you know, like schools and activities. But all of this is nonsense. Because the reason why police go to high crime neighborhoods is not that they chose to go out and arrest a bunch of you know minorities. They get the 911 calls from those neighborhoods. All of all policing is driven by complaints, right, You know, shootings, so it's a completely Absurd, convoluted, mixed up demented view of the world. But this is what we're dealing with. Now AOC and these other acolytes of despair and chaos are driving. The discourse. The last days of New Yorker reporters True Taylor's name of the book. His name is Seth Baron. B R O b E R R O N, um, I often find myself and I get angry with myself because Seth like sometimes Well, I often give credit for having a brain. And that's a problem because her statement if you take it for what for what it seems to be saying her statement is suggesting that police because they're in these neighborhoods are arresting people because they're actually committing the crimes. If police stop going to those neighborhoods the crimes would continue, but people wouldn't get arrested. So hey, it's a win. That's really I mean, that's just stupidity. To be honest with you. Um, but she also she also recently said the reason why so many people are in prison is because we have so many prisons in jails as if if we stopped for some reason. Building the prisons and jails. The crime would then stop. So am I. Giving her too much credit for having a brand is that what's going on? She thinks backwards. I mean last year when there were all these shootings, she said, People were doing it because they need bread. And you know that which is unprovable. It's just not true. It's complete. Not always. It's disprove a ble because crimes were not crimes. They weren't It wasn't people trying to steal bread or even steal money? It was like beard. You know, these companies are obscure beefs rightful met each other or gang related stuff. There's no evidence that it was crimes of necessity. It wasn't like limits. Rob Wright, I want her to show me the police blotter, the the 2000 people that were arrested last month for stealing a loaf of bread. I want to see that. And of course, she can't quantify that. But it's easy to say it and then people at home, watch it and because she's young and cute or something, they go. Hey, there's still inbred man. Leave them alone. And that's the craziness is Seth Baron. His book is called The Last Days of New Yorker reporters. True tale. We just scratched the surface here, so can we do this again? Oh, I would love to. I hope everybody runs out. Can they get this book? Is it out now? Can they get it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all that stuff? Yes, it's on Amazon, Barnes and Noble wherever they sell books on the Internet. Perfect. It is called The Last Days of New Yorker reporters true tale. His name's Seth Baron with two R S b A. R R O and go follow him on Twitter as well said Thanks, man. We'll do it again soon. Thanks, Joe. Brother. We're back after this. Stay right here..

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