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It's all high dry did deep right field and he's just going to admire it this one and now toward San Francisco Bay into the water my goodness three run Homer and John's one of the biggest home runs we've seen here in a long time eight six Philadelphia Harper's second home run of the night yeah wow that's for sure and four hundred fifty six feet was the estimate although I'm what what I can see that for twenty one side inside the ballpark in this ball one out a little ways to the right of that over that twenty foot high wall with some bleachers up above and that completely and way out into the bay and the and the idea that it only went thirty feet thirty five feet further than that for twenty one side I'm I'm sort of shaking my head on that whatever it counted it with the same no matter how many feet you estimate it and the Phillies were ahead eight to six and they were had to stay they would get another run yeah later in the inning along sacrifice fly by real Muto to make it nine to six and nine to six was the final time now for the giants group value player of the game and will give that to Stephen Vogt who had three hits a single a double in that to spectacular two run Homer that also landed in the bay down the right field line that was estimated at four hundred twenty three feet right down the right field line and he is the group of value player of the game for the giants.

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