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Hendrick. Motorsports william byron one earlier in the year with alex. Bowman chase elliott. And kyle larson teaming up to win the last four point races. And the all-star shootout larson in particular is on fire looking to make a fourth consecutive trip to victory lane and william went homestead. Alice palms has gotten his couple wins. I've been even you'll getting beat by over. Like i was excited for him when chase one at kota in the position to win the race and the rank him out and i was still happy for him and the team is long as our organization is winning. I'm cool with it and and so far. I think we all are as well. If we can keep running good and working together all four of us will be hard to beat so we just got to keep that up one guy who thinks he can beat. Larsen austin dillon. Who had some success on the one point three mile concrete track in twenty eleven during its final two races on until this weekend. I won the last truck race. They're finished third nick senator race before they closed it down. So we gotta go there with guns loaded and see if we can't pop off a win as a place that we can do it too time truck series championship team. Gm s racing will run the full cup schedule in twenty twenty two and last week. Xfinity series driver brandon brown. Put out a funny video where he played a huckster used car salesman to sell sponsorship for his race car. Well it worked kicking the tires dot net. We'll sponsor him at nashville progressive launch. Your pets to be there bestsellers so we cover them in our auto policy and we created this self empowerment series for them. You are perched by the window sill working.

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