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Committee will be mobile and after after four hundred years have been separated me and thousands of more American blacks will be returned home after four Hundred Years I've always thought that he was an incredibly smart boxer is that true do you think I should you know you all the rules you can't you're not supposed to be able to punch backing up which he could do not supposed to carry your hands so low which he always did he said let me taste something these fellows talking about heavyweights are big and clumsy and slow all of them and I saw a film of Ray Sugar very Robinson and I figured he could box rings around these guys you just didn't have the size than I do he should if they all boxed like he did I shut down I punches and I'd be whatever they couldn't do that it's GonNa make me the bashed like a butterfly as being like a beep John okay hit what his hands came see now you see me now you don't he's thank you know he won't they'd come in charge is good but I'm twice as nice and it's like why all right so let's talk a little bit about rumble in the jungle you were there yes and just tell me a little bit about the lead up to that you've how you found yourself there the way they showed me I I was going to cover it anyway I was covering on his rights at that point but What really intrigued me was I sat in the UN plaza outside of the UN month before I left with the guy so helped me his name we shampoo Kawai Shampoo cool he was the PR guy for this thing and he said to me well hotels like the Waldorf restaurants all restaurants like twenty one club and blood he said you know this fight will be in Soccer Stadium Beautiful Soccer Stadium was dump within reasonable distance of the very spot where Henry Stanley Explorer Slash newspaper Guy This guy was looking for a living doctor and it was at that spot it always falls that he said Doctor Livingston I presume well you couldn't have kept me away with a gun because that's what I wanted the thing everybody into no leading up to the fight was what kind of shape Ali was in he was an underdog for sure but how much of an underdog Jerry Izenberg and reported in the New York Post named Jerry Liska went up to these training camp and Deer Lake Pennsylvania before the fight to see him for themselves while the worries were there they met a man who not only ran the camp but also was an integral part of Ali's Career Gene Kilroy cure told me that he had terrible arthritis in both hands and had not hit the heavy bag for a year and a half and somebody came up with a new kind of heavy bags and at the same time kill retook them to Philadelphia to the hospital to very famous doctor who said Okay you tell them to cut out the shots? He takes no more Novacaine no Macabre K.. Nothing no more shots period he bathes his hands in hot paraffin now four times a day as hot as she could stand it I ain't GonNa cure him but he's not going to have that much pain when he fights and that's what happened so let's see listener and I walk a go up to Deer Lake Pennsylvania where he trade now Allie has ice and radar detectors in the back of his head and his shoulder blades a he do we were standing in the doorway but he pretended he didn't so he's actually pounding the heavy bag first time I see him do it almost two years and he's saying I'll knock that sucker oh hi guys like you didn't know we were there right and I should you're going to knock him out I will mock that sucker out and then when we left camp that day Mr said what do you think should I click them picking them to win by knockout and list your said wow how can you do with it I said a long time ago he said to me if I say mosquito can pull a plow dog you history month this man has never not nobody out cold he's a bully he's slow he has no skill full he's awkward and I gave him a name a name floor Patterson the rabbit I main son-in-law and he shall be known as Fisher as the mummy Eh why why the movie big calls he fights he's fighting if you ever watch him in the Ray p. e. he he drags night that after the show now we get ready to leave for Africa we get there and first thing we find out his former is living downtown in Kinshasa at the Omni hotel alley is living the military compound call shelly and we were living in Chile too short gave me more time within which was good anyhow we were working up to the fight and now I got it tell you this story to first of all again ready to get off the plane and an alley schist Achille who don't these people like and kill Whitey. yeah well I wasn't GonNa say white people so I said two Belgians because they occupied the country show he gets you up on the tarmac there's about a thousand people out there and he he puts his hands up and he says George Foreman is a Belgian any go wild right I will avenge this country and now they start shouting Ali Bouma yeah LE- Bouma he says to Kuwait find out what that means and the guy tells them in means jolly killing everyone Allie win all the time he was saying I never street-corner he would lead the crowd in those chance and they got inside forming Chang.

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