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Thanks for stopping by if this is your first time listening to the PODCAST, please go over there and Baghdad subscribe. He did not want to miss the action. It's coming your way right here on First Class by the right DAD's diving into the latest information on the corona virus today and what you need to know as parents to keep your kids safe out there for this I have an incredibly joining me today Dr Mark Siegel who has A new book out covert the politics of fear and the power of science. Dr Mark. Siegel is the medical director on Sirius Xm satellite radio. He joined Fox News as a medical contributor back in two thousand eight. He is a columnist for the hill a member of the board of contributors at USA Today. He contributes to the Wall Street Journal National Review And New York Daily News Dr Mark Siegel is a clinical Professor Department of Medicine at Nyu Grossman. School of Medicine in addition to his new book, He has authored several books on influenza contagious and. Even a medical thriller entitled Bellevue Amount of to have him here to pick his brain a little bit about the pandemic, which has drastically changed all of our lives Dr Mark Siegel will be here with me and just a few minutes please stick around for the interview. Today's interview was recorded on video and is available for you guys to watch my youtube channels. If you'd like to watch the conversation between Dr Mark Siegel and myself please get over and hit me with a subscribe on Youtube link is into description of today's podcast episode Okay and one. Of the little silver linings during this pandemic is that has made a lot of people become available for interviews. So I've been able to grab some really phenomenal guests during the pandemic for the podcast including comedian Joel McHale, Weatherman, Al roker backstreet boy nick, Carter my pillow, Mike Lindell NFL quarterback drew bledsoe, and so.

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