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When he dies, you know twenty thirty years from now the lead of his obituary will still have two words in it zoom and. Zoom and peanuts they'll make a comeback. A comeback because of twitter nobody's talking about it whether we like it or not. Nobody's talking about the story wasn't on Network News. That I don't think I have five five television on my wall watching every nightly news show out there. He's gathering sound he's working hard jewelry. I. It was not out there I know it's fact it's a little risky and it just happened i. mean it just happened. He's like. Maybe, once we get pictures up more. He'll be thought of, is that Weirdo who head to? Jerk off in front of. Other people it is. Thank you doing it in front of the. Cameras off. Reminded me of when I just figured out figuring out that. I just always had to do it. Right yet Is there anything less dignified than you know playing with yourself? I? mean the idea of senior. Dinky Geeky shares that computer chair like his wife and family I mean. Think. Things are a little icy but nothing nothing Mrs Tuban hasn't been through before she had to deal with all tube steak. Tuban. For years of so. Anyway quickly. Do you have a problem with fifty cent. Endorsing trump and voting. Republican. For one reason only taxes he looked at the taxis paying it's outrageous and the plan under Biden the tax plan is if you live in New York City, you are going to hand over sixty two percent of your hard earned money. If you live in a California it sixty, two point, six percent. A, looked at that fifty cent looked at that set I can't do it. I can't vote to give up sixty two percent of my money and he said I'm going with trump now obviously, liberals can't stand that they think somehow taxes are like charity that the money you give to the government goes to a good cause which to me is the most bizarre insane way of looking at your. Your tax bill but are you upset that fifty cent is on my side? Should just invest in some real estate properties lose hundreds of millions of dollars and they don't have to pay any taxes so that that's what fifty cents. Do. It but I since I was a kid I used to just baffled me the people could vote not just vote but be passionate and support and campaign for someone who wants to take half their money or more than half the money I mean Joe Biden. What what depends I mean if you're salaried yes but if you have investing. Investments rather if you have holdings and you don't have to really pay taxes as we know, no capital gains tax. So fifty cent screwed because he actually gets paid in salary. The capital gains, Texans, and sharing. It's not that low. It's incentive you want people to invest if you raise capital gains they they. Fewer investments it's bad for the economy but whatever. The idea that you want you work hard remember like if your credit for that that you WANNA give more than half your money to the government. Don't make that much I do not have to give more than half of money you know low tax bracket. Port a guy who's going to raise taxes on everybody well, do you know do you know I really screwed and I was full time at W. E. I because I was making? Around Fifty K. and I was in the same tax bracket as people who are making like eighty K. which is ridiculous. There's a huge difference between fifty k. an eighty case they got screwed on Tax Jerry Alex reamer got screwed on tax. Your I am. Going to lower your taxes Donald. J trump good good now. One. Last thing and I have to say, I talk about this because I heard this live I shouldn't say live I heard it on his podcast I heard. Rush Limbaugh was given an update on his health and he's not doing. Well, you can tell when you listen to it, he's got stage four lung cancer. He's not gonNA. Be around much longer. He sounds genuinely. Depressed about it and I think he got a mixed bag from his recent scans and it just doesn't sound great. You know what that means to me Alex and I know you would agree that means great radio. You know if you're gonNA talk I gotTa Scans is dying. He's literally talking about what it means to get a death sentence from your doctor. I can't I don't care who's doing. It could be you know rush limbaugh or it could be you know. Rachel maddow could be the. Chris Hayes I mean there's no left wing equivalent rush limbaugh we've tried no one has been able to do it but anyway. Michael. Reconnaissance. It. Doesn't matter who it is talking about the grim reaper at their door waiting to take them away. They had this have this thing. It's about to kill them and it great radio. It really was I mean I know you're not a limbaugh fan I don't listen every day, but he was literally talking about dying. And I, think whoever does that if they do it? sincerely, and they do it from the heart. You can't deny that it's a good. Compelling listen. It's a good story listening to someone especially someone who's famous as he is part and parcel of this. Inch..

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