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Cock crow. You can say that calm. FX off Dallas Fort Worth Talk radio 11 90 I Heart radio station. Some Americans are trying to fly out of Afghanistan. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News with Secretary of State Antony Blinken says. We are not aware of anyone. Being held on an aircraft or any hostage like situation, contradicting what Republican Congressman Michael McCaul told Fox on Sunday. We are working around the clock to help US citizens to help lawful permanent residents to hope adverse Afghans Lincoln's encounter for talks. He says he expects the Taliban not to block their safe passage out of the secretary of state will face questions. About the U. S troop withdrawal and the evacuation chaos at a Senate hearing next Tuesday, just days before Americans remember 9 11 20 years later, the case against the terror attacks mastermind and four others returns to court this hour Guantanamo prison for a pretrial hearing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, better known by his initials KSM, charged with killing nearly 3000 people on 9 11 his idea to hijack airliners and use them as flying bombs. Born in Kuwait, KSM went to a small college in North Carolina before graduating to a life of Terrorism beginning in Afghanistan boxes. Lucas Tomlinson at Guantanamo President Biden will again focus today on hurricane itis, cleanup and recovery foxes. Rachel Sutherland has more live. Dave. The president will meet with local leaders of the Somerset County Emergency Management Training Center in New Jersey and get a close up look at damage in the region. Later, the president will visit Queens, New York were hilt delivery marks in the federal response to Ida. Severe flooding killed 27 people in New Jersey. Several died in Queens when floodwaters rushed into basement apartments. The visit comes after President Biden declared major disasters in five counties in New York and six in New Jersey, freeing up federal aid for victims of the storm. Dave Rachel In Louisiana, where Ida hit as a powerful hurricane. More than 400,000 homes and businesses still.

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