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Up. But I've statistic we stay add to find something new in this one for you to we your man who Free of the waves. Pa Jolly Pau all ready. Steady noise any real fight on real calling again. I know with last week's about economics and the trek economics of the federation and that was kind of a great fun episode do May do one In the future about another species are world in Star Universe but that was kind of a heavier subject little bit heavier subject so we got our stake. Let's get some McDonalds. Yes we're doing another drama episode this time. We're doing the next generation. Now you may say. Jonathan didn't seem. There's not much drama. That is true I would love to cover the pranks that the cast did on one. Another thing that'd be a lot of fun but no I'm talking about gene roddenberry and the how next generation came to be and the whole drama behind that 'cause I had no idea that this was a huge undertaking. To get t angie on the air and no clue. I mean just give you a little tidbit of little taste of the what. I'm talking about. Gene Roddenberry Patrick Stewardess Captain Picard ultimately. We know what happened but I just was like. Oh Gosh this is a wealth of interesting stuff Yes that's GonNa be the next episode. I'm really looking forward to that really fun researching but always remember. He can his up on social media or on Instagram at Mega Particle podcast. Ron Twitter at mega particle underscore. And if you WANNA talk I have questions. Always email me. It's mega particle. Podcasts edgy. Jima Dot Com. Feel free to reach out. I love talking to you guys. It's been fun. Interacting with fans all over the world and Shout out to England. You guys are huge Ireland to feel free to reach out and always remember. Keep wearing those masks yards important I know a lot of countries in Ano- my state of Virginia here in the United States have started to phase out and getting into reopening a little bit. But just remember a here the CDC. Where those masks? Just because it seems like it's over doesn't mean we need to stop and just pretend like it never happened so Follow your local guidelines and we're always remember guys second started right straight onto more..

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