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Provide food for school kids the elderly and others who could use a meal during the crisis no charge no charge right away it would call for the kids and the families with the travel much again this is what they teach at that church what to do is love our neighbor and this is what our neighbors need right now meanwhile at the roses restaurant intermezzo pizzeria Bolton will make the idea is the same people in the local community can contact them and receive a box lunch for a pizza we can't give everything but the ticket to give a sandwich too you know young boy and girl who doesn't have it during school is seems like a no brainer in sickness and in health WBZ's Chris pharmacists are normally robust business in canton is feeling the sting of corona for nearly a century blue hills Country Club has been renowned for its top notch functions and championship caliber golf course so this time of year the place is usually buzzing the phone rings off the hook we usually have five or six towards the day but since the worldwide outbreak of covert nineteen nothing we've had in terms of membership sales and catered events sales it's gone the opposite direction Brian the blue is the GM at blue hills which has been forced to cancel all events for this month and April and just this morning I had to call a bride to be to teller they couldn't host wedding this weekend we're just taking it day by day and well right now pretty much minute by minute we understand that given the pandemic that's going on that we need to keep the public safe in canton Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio the video app tictoc has responded to an internal we leaked memo bush describes efforts to suppress content based on the apparent attractiveness of those featured NF one moderators were not told to remove videos by those deemed unattractive they were discouraged from promoting such content the company says the policies were abandoned before the memo was made public in sports.

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