Alabama, Hurricane Delta, Governor Kay Ivey discussed on Glenn Beck


Patriot, also reportedly tested positive for the lake would also won't practice today. America's listening to Fox News Good morning It's a tow three at Alabama's morning news with J T I'm Leah Brandon. As Hurricane Delta strengthens it. See Governor Kay Ivey Nail has ordered a mandatory evacuation of the Gulf Coast replies to all visitors and tourists in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Often Island and Fort Morgan. Under normal circumstances, We would welcome out of state tourists and business and we look forward to welcoming you back when weather conditions are safe. The governor says The area needs to stay focused on the cleanup from Sally. Even as we make preparations for Hurricane Delta. Unfortunately, a large portion of Alabama remains in the cone of uncertainty is described by weather friends and regardless of way it makes landfall. The storm will likely bring strong winds and heavy ranged in on areas as well as the low lying areas along the coast. The governor urging Alabamians to stay weather aware I'm Jim parity in the mobile area. There are folks still cleaning up from Hurricane Sally tried, Aeolus says she is really concerned about flooding there. What you know it's become a little more aware of flood zones because we've never been in the flood zone until they redid the maps. And my house is literally the dividing line, the Alabama EMA director Brian Hastings says. Now is the time Make sure you have a plan in place. The prudent for Coastal Alabamians to prepare for the worst. Baldwin County M. A director Zachary Hood, says people who take medication should get those prescriptions refilled. People don't understand what that means..

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