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The fallout has lingered into the following days. President yesterday weight to support US while staying in the presidential SUV known as The beast, Walter Reed attending physician, Dr James Phillips, saying the irresponsibility is astounding, adding, every person in that car now has to quarantine for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die for political theater. It's ABC, Cecilia Vega, one member of Trump's inner circle. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says the drive by was not only appropriate but was necessary President wanted to show people around. I'm doing well back on Capitol Hill. Senate leaders say they still intend to confirm Amy Cockney Barrett before the upcoming Election. Three Republican senators have announced positive Corona virus diagnosis, and three more GOP senators say they will quarantine him. And while the hearings will be done remotely under Senate rules, lawmakers must be present to approve the nomination at CBC is Alex Parrish. Hey, I'm Jim Ryan. ABC News as a president fights the Corona virus. His competitors is fighting for Florida Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning this afternoon in Little Haiti in Little Havana before participating in an NBC aired Primetime Town Hall from the Prez Art Museum. Amy with next week's scheduled presidential debate for Miami. Still up in the air iffy you political science professor Kevin Wagner says. This proves how important Florida the largest swing state, is from both campaigns. A predictor who's going to actually win this election. I think you're seeing the emphasis that the campaign is putting on Florida and I think you'll see When we've already seen the emphasis of the Trump campaign is this is Biden's first physical trip to South Florida and more than a year aircraft. REGUS NEWS radio 6 10 W Come in 19 cases have drop below 2000. Yet again. The Florida Department of Health showing another 1415 new infections diagnosed and 41 resident deaths confirmed today, pushing the death toll closer toward 15,000. States positivity rate is just under 4%. Miami Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho, visiting several local elementary schools today as the first wave of students returned to actual classrooms, saying he's pleasantly surprised to see all of the students wearing masks. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho was during some of the 300 schools opening their doors today for pre K kindergarten and first grade in all, he says, some 22,000 students are returning, but some teachers have opted out processed about 700. Teachers based.

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