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The president will address the nation on the situation at the southern border on Twitter. President Trump called it a national security crisis. Previously White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, said Trump will visit the US Mexico border on Thursday. The personal government shutdown is entering week three and hundreds of thousands of federal workers remain paid. Shutdown stems from gridlock between congress and Trump over border wall funding, Mark Mayfield, NBC News Radio speeches set for nine pm tonight in catch it here on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. The White House says the IRS will send out tax refunds despite the government shutdown now in its eighteenth day during past shutdowns, the IRS accepted tax returns, but didn't send out refunds until after the government was funded again, the current shutdown shows, no sign of ending as Democrats and President Trump remained deadlocked over funding for a border wall. Osias now investigating the death of a worker at the L brands bath and body works warehouse. Reynoldsburg authorities say fifty six year old Harvey beavers was killed Saturday after being caught between boxes and a conveyor belt was b- versus helping load a truck when the accident happened. The third fatal workplace accident in as many weeks in central Ohio after an employed staff that liberty casting Delaware and another at the flu Tech's facility. It's session for the Ohio general assembly, but an old Ohio house speaker history is made at the Ohio State house lawmakers in the house of representatives vote. To eject their current speaker as a new session. Get started both rural Appalachian highlands, Ryan Smith of Bidwell in southern Ohio out. Larry householder, Glenn. I in Perry County in householders speaking about the state house while addressing representatives on the house floor. We can use this tool to tear apart. We can use this told a separate or we can use this toll as others have before us the Bill householders. Securing of the speakership comes six months after waging a nearly identical political fight with Smith just last June at the state house, Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Both candidates actually came to Democrats to garner support for their bids. House minority leader Fred Strayhorn says he can work with the other side where possible I'm going to move forward. Best foot forward in until somebody shows me otherwise that I'm going to take them at face value. I'm going to respect the officers speaker whether it was Ryan Smith, or whether it's speaker household in the final vote for speaker was fifty to forty six just over the majority threshold needed, Mike the Sabbath, the whistle blower in the Dr Richard Strauss investigation at Ohio State ended up in jail to Sabah Mr. court date last week in a case in which is accused of harassing a relative congressman Jim Jordan Samuel claims. The late Ohio State team, Dr Richard Strauss molested him and other wrestlers in the nineteen ninety s Jordan business system wrestling coach at the university at the time he claims he knew nothing about the alleged abuse. The annual Consumer Electronics Show begins today in Las Vegas while. It's about the big TV self driving cars and fast. Internet gadgets are still at the heart of the show really CAS who's about all the crazy gadgets. You didn't know you need it. And this year is no exception. I got to meet t- me the personal robot. It's about three feet high. It will follow you around your house. Bring you things play movies and music. Brainchild, Danny Isrealis. Wherever I.

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