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77 W A. B C. Here's Lydia Surana. Thank you, Bernie and said Joseph, Wait. Lydia Surana way have to acknowledge that the are a lot of our listeners are stuck in cars. The traffic is awful. It's a Monday morning. Even when I was coming in this morning at five o'clock, the westbound grand central around LaGuardia people will ponding they were doing like You know, 70 80 Miles an hour, but it is sliding all over the place because of this pond, and you know you and I had to cut down Who would like 65 Miles an hour because of it and avoid these people swerving all over place. It was terrible. Lydia. How do you come into WNBC? Oi! Come in from Westchester County, And then I took the sawmill down and that was ponding. It was flooded. It was horrendous. It was It was bad E mean It's awful that mode before you start your work day. You come in, You're already stressed out from the community. I mean, that just sucks, doesn't it Right, And the one thing that does help is that the public schools are closed. So then the parents have to say home because the kids can't go to school. That's why there is less traffic. So it's actually good for me because I've been on this crusade about keeping the school's open, and that's what my Lydia reports is going to be about. Because once again now we have the politicians contradicting each other. They're contradicting the sciences. But now they're also contradicting each other. So last week I played the CDC. He said. We should keep the school's open. There's been other sciences have been saying the same thing. The head of the operation warp speed, and now you are not going to believe Bernie, who is advocating to open up the school's guess who Governor Cuomo, King Cuomo, King Quantum Anomaly. Seymour King Rama. Let's have Let's play that sound bite from the press conference. You can reopen the school. Because the school is safer. In the local community. Let me think about your 3% infection rate in the community. The school is under half a percent. Why would you want the child to go to say stay at home, Which means they're not going to stay at home. That means you're gonna go outside. They're gonna run around in a 3% community. Right, not being educated. Have them voted a school where the positivity rate is 0.5. It's absolutely astounding, led back to the voice of reason. But you know you're right. But let me ask you this video. Where was he? Last week? When de Blasio shut it down and who has authority Who has the ultimate authority? Really in this is that de Blasio? Or is it the state Cuomo? Who has the authority. Ultimate answer. I know Michael Mulgrew has the unstated authority but between De Blasio Cuomo, who has the authority when it's under 3%, 3%, and under this city. Has the authority the mayor a K A. Mulgrew, the head of the Teachers union. When it's above 3% threshold, That's when the state can take over because then I think it's called like an orange zone. So listen to how crazy this is. The school's could actually re open because the state will take control. Once the cove it positivity rate goes up. Well, that makes no sense. And I will point this out that out on Long Island Long Island where I live. The positivity rate has to be 9% before they closed the school, So I don't understand it at all right. By the way, this is a Benjamin Steakhouse report have to mention that before they got to mention it. A cut above the rest definitely had there for Thanksgiving. They have, like a whole prefix menu, cream spinach and go on and on. Go to Benjamin steakhouse dot com. They also have seafood options. But yeah, because you might want to have to go there since Cuomo's saying, You can't have dinner at home and you anymore for Thanksgiving 10 people, arm or whatever. So the last Supper actually would have been against Cuomo's rules. The last supper? Yeah, hilarious. His face was peeking into the last Remember the last Supper. You had 12 of the apostles and Jesus so anyway. It's it's insane. It's absolutely insane that you have the governor and the mayor at odds of whether or not to open the schools, But finally, Cuomo's making sense, he said. Less than half a percent but we talked about this. It was actually point. Not even 0.0.2 percent. The positivity rate in schools Why does he make sense? Two days after we make sense, he's the governor. We should. He should be making sense before we make you know, and all that and I hate to defend the governor. I do. I hate the defender. But days before They shut the schools down. He was saying, we should not shut the schools down and 3.0 days before they shut them down. He did say that he did, and the reporters said to him Well, what are you going to say to me? Oh, grow. I couldn't believe it. I will. I need to know who this reporter is because everybody knows Mulgrew is the one holding the reins here, he said. The law is the law. That's what I'm going to tell him. And now Mulgrew he's saying Well, you know what? Maybe we won't do a whole city wide closure. Maybe we'll just do it by regions. Remember? They tried that holds it coat That's not gonna work. By the way I got some inside scoop on that Hasidic wedding. 00. Yeah, that wasn't people. The wedding has the governor very, very upset. So I had a guy named Jacob that called and he sounded very reliable into my show last night, a six o'clock show, he said. He has it on very Vicky's ultra Orthodox himself. He is that he couldn't tell me, he said They reached out the organizer's of that wedding, the grand rabbi because it was the grandson of the Grand rabbi. They reached out to the governor's office and to the mayor's office on how to do this wedding safely and effectively and they were rebuffed. So that's why they gave them the big F you and then did a 7000 person wedding. Yeah, but that's what he said. So they knew all about it. No, I know, but there's no way that they can possibly give a wedding of 7000 people. Let's be honest about it. It's very nice day, weeks out to the governor and mayor, I guess, but You can't have a wedding of 7000 people. You just can I agree, But the Cuomo said, Well, we're gonna investigate. We're gonna look into it. If this is actually true, he lied. He knew about it. Right? Thank you. That's why he got busted. He's a liar he knew about. They said anything about Maybe we'll both you guys Bernie and Lydia at Lydia News. By the way on Instagram and Twitter, have they given an indication as to one they would allow kids back to school. Hasn't been any any date any time. No, it's got nothing. The numbers will dictate that. But again, they're not on the same page. This is the crime that's being perpetrated on the kids. The mayor and the governor are not on the same page and their policies being dictated by some unknown creep like Michael Mulgrew, whose by the way, so find out where he lives. And protest in front of his house name and shame. Michael mogul. He's the face of the criminal of depriving your kids off their lives of traumatizing your kids..

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