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Robinson you saw those plays can cover that ground himself. He's like they can erase any problem and make it almost easy when he gets to when it gets wide is just he has that ability and athleticism to get to cover that much ground so when you have a six and a number three or four sorry four or five that can play that position and cover ground and put out a fire. It allows you to really really press forward and know that you have a safety valve in the back. I agree with you guys. I also think this what adds to this. Is these three games. We now know. Miles robinson can be john. Anthony brooks in. The games at brooks doesn't play. That kellyn can play when tyler camp which. I don't think we knew a month ago. Like if tyler is out. I think you have to change the way your team played. You had to find cover and unfortunately tyler is probably gonna be out a bunch i. It's just the reality so far but you know that everyone's not gonna be able to play all three games and welcome qualifying. When that's the case brooks says well probably won't be able to come from europe and play three times miles robinson. One hundred percent can play with him. Now we know he can also play without him as that left center back if necessary and you could partner him with a mark mckenzie or whoever else walkers and if he's healthy whatever that is so you've notches created options with your best team but you've added depth and confidence in that deb. And i mean you look at this stu senate on the broadcast but he was part of a beasley c team that went to a gold cup final and they lost the mexico five zero. We beat mexico now. I'm not saying today that. This is the deepest pools ever been but it shows a level of depth in the pool to be able to compete across the summer in these different ways. And that wasn't something we were sure of. Because a lot of these guys were unproven. Sam vines. I think showed he could play at this level shack. Moore's been good so now you've added two or three options to the full back position. So that's been a huge part. I think for gregg berhalter of what he's found out this summer all right. Let's just get into it because we look ahead here and it's good to evaluate what these guys did in this tournament and the tournaments over and we want it champion. Us means absolutely seventh of all time. Go forgotten it's nice to win a trophy in vegas like that is a. You're gonna win it all that's a nice place host the final. Charlie's taught us in the past that when you go play vinyl you play final in vegas. You need to have that bottle service set before. It's not right behind all it's just proper preparation you just to be ready. He's gotta make sure you don't want to be looking at each other locker room. I hang well we bought to do we just one this. It's known we go to seven eleven or get a twelve pack. How do we go to the bomb at the hotel. That's not the way this works. Let's get let's get into matt. Turner start in the back matt turner. And here's the stats on him with the national team. He has seven games started. He's got six clean sheets. Seven wins and a goals against average of zero point. One four five of the winds have been one nothing. he makes. Spectacular saves repeatedly in this tournament game saving saves in this tournament. Where does he stand now. If you look ahead..

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