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We'll give lyndon johnson work group i would say that for most of i feel like my young adult life he was hurt hacked to make a forrest gump dreaded alekos other like played owlry boring but i feel like every what thirty years ago thirty twenty twenty twenty years and then suddenly sorta like hey remember that movie we all used to let like you know again and start talking about it's not like in the early 2000s relate making weird science references from the 80s ready it's weird like that way that we were but back to the future is like pretty fucking hot when i was act like in middle school and hey southern owns them now it's like a man has asked her is that's that's a move obviously there's something about zametica's of your life but yeah he has like these movies where that takeover error cultural like imagination of and i think we've talked about on the show like we've made forrest gump references in the past two i think time while lieutenant dan or other things things you can't get away from belt like standing at the on a boat in the middle of a hurricane shouting yankee guy yeah right exactly reforming forrest gump by frank ocean in the back of my head thinking scott harry ray or has a frank oceans has been absolutely gospel so that's the source shit we talk about and shelby we like to open up by asking our guest if there's anything specific to their experience of that gives them insight and do a specific things like broadly believed by the culture that is a myth idled whenever you'll see what i'm that's that i found out a few months ago like my whole life it's always been like if you're going to cut romney you use a plastic cutting barred a veronica vegetables or fruit ige is a woodcutting bharti never put raw meat on a woodcutting barbed hasn't has gotten the word back your bob off and then like i buy friend was like cutting meat on that i'd sort of like did the sort of like.

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