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Soon you might turn on your tap, and there is no water water. Think about that man. That's that's truly frightening. We check in with traffic now and rob the, uh, you know, just outside our window. I'm looking at southbound 71 here at Ken Wooden. That's not looking good at all. So look bad for me. No. And that accident is south of Red Bank. So that's how far the backup is. Well. Yeah, Let me tell you more about that from the UC Health Traffic center. You see Health urology provides expert care for urologic cases, including prostate conditions, Visit you see health dot com slash services slash urology for details. It's an accident on South 71 past Red Bank that left two lanes are blocked, and traffic is heavy now, almost to the Ronald Reagan so plan for a delay. If you're headed south on 71 best to avoid it by cutting across the Ronald Reagan to 75. They've cleared the accident. South 75 past Shepherd Lane as you enter the lock ones. Split traffic there just a bit slow from Sharon Road and South 71, an accident south of town just beyond the split from 75. That's got traffic backed up toward the rich would exit on South 75. There's an injury accident being cleaned up right now in Florence on mall road at 42 East, down to 75, starting to fill up now between 40 to Lebanon. And Loveland Madeira. Plenty of stop and go traffic there at the bridge, South Beach and a 10 minute delay from Liberty Street North found 18 minutes from past Dixie Highway, both on 75. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. Forecast from a 700 wlw Weather Center forward tonight Showers Maybe some storms rolling through.

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