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Right I think things have changed dramatically and obviously this is far beyond football of course Anderson. This is about our country and what we're seeing and what you're talking about every night on air, and and the NFL is a part of our culture, and clearly they are seeing this and so everything that we thought might have been the case. A couple of weeks ago is no more. And I can go. No, no, no go ahead. Well so so I just think that this shows if anyone is doubting how big a deal this is, and the tragedy of George Floyd, and all of the issues that we're talking about with black lives matter if anyone doubts that this is one of the watershed moments in our nation's history, something like a a sports league seems insignificant, except it's the nfl the our national pastime. Pastime, and if it hell is giving us that kind of statement today, which he did that signals that things have changed dramatically WanNa bring an Jones running back for the Green Bay packers. Aaron, being with us, you're a you're in the league right now. How do you think Adele's message going to be received by by the players? And how is it being received by you? Off. Will just glad he's listening. he's. Not, he's. Over squeeze. As openers. So, what's in store and so? I I think everybody. Is trying to take whatever they may be. If I can't I can't tell you how somebody else's GonNa react yeah. Benjamin Wynn. You didn't interview. Just I think it was yesterday and you were talking about how you had racist teammates Do you wish that this came from Goodell a lot earlier? And I wish we weren't dealing with any of this You know the truth of the matter is we live in a fallen world? We have seminar role manifest itself many times in a bunch of different things including racism, and so my wish would be that. We won't have any of this going on, but we do so. Yeah of course I wish that. Not, just a statement be made, but I wish that we wouldn't be dealing with the disparities that we're dealing within our culture that we won't be dealing with you know the year as one hundred. The two hundred years, a slave route one hundred fifty years of Jim Crow. Red Lining residential segregation. The list goes on and on incarceration I was dealing with any of those things, but here we are, and so the question is. How do we collectively? WHY BLACK RICH POOR! How are we going to make this country better so? That's what this has to be about. This has to be about American looking in the mirror. Because what we're seeing right now is a reflection of ourselves and deciding what we're going to do to make it better. Arron win when the season finally does. Start again and players are on the field. How do you think this changes things? So? Much of Back then we knew what it was about. Solidarity we, we are new. SCOPE! For us is nothing's really changed. We're GONNA. Continue to go ourselves. We. In our office. We don't see that it started off. All. Lay, down? Any! Know we have one common, goal. Aaron, Jones I appreciate. you joining us. Thank you so much Benjamin Watson as well and and Christine Brennan Policy said we. We tried to get you on camera and obviously some technical issues even with the phone. Really appreciate you coming Benjamin Watson great to have you Christine thanks so much We're going to have a closer look at the policing that we have seen as people protest current policy current policing. We've seen extraordinary images from the police in a positive way, and also some sticking incidents as well this in Buffalo. The fact that some officers are now defending the officers involved. We'll be right back. mentioned..

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