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Two this is the monocled daily life from london on monocled 24 eight is twenty three minutes past the hour following the success of al summa newspaper monocle has a new addition to the family the winter weekly which has out every thursday this month at all good news stands in their current edition monocled melbourne correspondent adrian craddock reflects only changing role of newspapers in australia the straeuli newspapers face an important challenge of the next twelve months retaining young rates you'll be an uphill battle for many young people the tone and lad of the country's major mass heads personify political culture that's ten style the tide of grey head columbus raging about the latest controversy to emerge from cambre beat the mess resignation of representatives found to have to citizenship for petty infighting within the liberal party increasingly millennials a turning to more offbeat cancels one of the most popular outlets to emerge is an online newspaper called the baotou to advocate bds according to the website based on the edge of the simpson desert with an editorial staff of just two errol parker a former news of the world editor and clancey overruled a veteran journalist with a background in amateur boxing predict data and the papers true origins quickly in the to to advocate is in fact a vehicle for point perfect sacha clancy overall is a pseudonym for former ngo campaigner archie hamilton won't aero parka is charles single a c debates rana we used to it for the camera times.

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