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Over to rob woodfork All right Sarah the wizards handling business in Houston so far they lead the rockets 50 to 28 with about 8 minutes left to go in the second quarter and this is a sharp start for the Wiz they're shooting a red hot 62% from the floor including four of 7 from three point range They've controlled the boards and they didn't have any turnovers until the moment ago So just one turnover So far on the night two players in double figure scoring kristaps porzingis and Rui hachimura each with ten points to pace the Wiz Now the nationals fans making summer plans for Ryan Zimmerman weekend the franchise announcing today June 17 and 18 will be the not only first two games of the series against the Phillies but there will be zim related giveaways that Friday and then the retirement of his number 11 Jersey that Saturday On the field right now the nets trailing the Cardinals four three in the 8th inning of their spring exhibition game The capital's busy buyers at the NHL trade deadline they added forwards Johann Larson from Arizona and Marcus Johansson from Seattle you may recall that name because it's his second tour of duty in Washington He was first round pick of the capitals back in 2009 Another big NFL quarterback trade today Atlanta dealing longtime face of the franchise Matt Ryan to Indianapolis for a third round pick in the upcoming draft Marcus Mariota was signed to get first crack at filling those very big shoes Ryan led basically all their passing records there in Atlanta And the same division the New Orleans Saints bringing Jameis Winston back on a two year deal Rob woodfork WTO be sports The top stories we're following for.

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