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Maybe a third round pick but right now teams are going are you know I'll take him off I'll take that salary but we are give you a hot dog bag of chips and some peanuts and that's all I'm going to give you well it is like to sell themselves I don't know what happened I don't know if it if he is so deflated because he he was sad but I don't I can't remember a quarterback being a you know you've never been a top your guide but to have it seems like he's happy and I just wonder if something else is going on in his head I don't know it's interesting I don't think all got sacked today he I he did he did get hit once but to off seventeen of thirty one a Buck fifty one no sacks one touchdown sadly along gain of twenty four in a thirty nine point two rating so well yeah for four pics two by J. C. Jackson and not to buy Stephon Gilmore so up the league has changed so much this isn't the two thousand to two thousand three week where you can trap to Carson Palmer in sitting behind a Jon Kitna for a year it's not gonna happen you can't do it you can't do it from a number standpoint it's it's all about dollar or cap allocation how are you going to allocate your doctor your dollars and I don't know if you can have seventeen million dollars into a backup quarterback I don't think you can do that all right John appreciate the call thank you we've got we've reached the top of the hour break and doctor Kenneth I'm gonna put you on hold we reach the top of the hour break he.

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