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And it it makes everything easier their simplifying tasks like invoicing tracking expenses getting paid online fresh books has drastically reduced the time it takes for over ten million people to deal with their paperwork nova that if that right there that doesn't make you want to go and sign up listen to this they have completely rebuilt fresh books from the ground up they've taken simplicity and speed to like a whole new level adding powerful new features and you're gonna save two working days per month by using their stuff it's going to save you that much time that's huge all you have to do to get a free unrestricted thirty day trial obviously it's only for listeners the show here's what you do go to fresh books dot com slash quit you'll get the trial when you're signing up in there a little how did you hear about a section it's a must yang quit put quit in there then we'll get credit for that and they'll continue to sponsors will continue doing the show you'll continue benefiting from this incredible wisdom that we do on show fresh looks dot com slash quit code to put in and when you in the how did you hear about a section is quit and you'll get that 30day free trial we use this constantly had he does all our invoicing whether or not on it when we get invoices from like the designers and developers and people i work with from the host whatever their invoicing us i demand require them to use fresh books because because i'm afresh books user when they use it fresh books thinks that up so i can be in fresh books i can go and see all the invoices that are coming in and do yeah it's it's fantastic even let you take online payments do people echoed you take credit cards you know like what do you mean take credit cards i'm like an loan web developer in idaho the answer's yes yes you do you can with fresh books so check them out fresh books dot com slash quit by i'm gonna do this next email here come on a roll with these emails and i was gonna say.

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