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Draws top board weather channel our top story Rice University cancels all classes this week due to a coronavirus concerns according to a statement from rice officials they want to allow faculty and staff time to prepare for a possible remote instruction this semester senator Ted Cruz will remain home this week after coming in contact with a person who has tested positive for corona virus Dallas County once a recount of super Tuesday votes including the democratic primary officials found a discrepancy between the number of voters who had checked in to vote and the number of ballots actually received a Houston area man is accused of collecting money for his sick daughter and then never making good on those promises he was arrested for theft and now it's one on one battle as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders faceoff in a new round of primaries with new support from their former opponents Houston's mayor Sylvester Turner has switched his endorsement from Mike Bloomberg to Joe Biden the Astros lost in spring training game today they were playing the Mets and the score was three to one ace pitcher Justin Verlander threw two scoreless innings against the Mets in his second start of the spring he was supposed to throw four innings but was taken out after two innings and only twenty eight pitches he said that he was suffering from triceps soreness news on demand that KTR H. dot com our next update is in half an hour breaking news as it happens I'm Sally Adams on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE welcome back everybody doctor jailed a lot of the this is your health first we are so glad you're here this Sunday evening we're here between seven and eight PM I want to give me an update on my TV and movie watching with sort of Segways into our next guest Anthony Santos nurse practitioner I saw the movie super sized.

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