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Yeah and we're i think we're really going to be able to see if this defense like if they have that can go on that. Excuse to Mike nolan it was too difficult wa wa like. We're really going to be able to see what they have. Because they're going to be able to fully learn. Learned events elliott like a very good degree before we get to play a game together. Yeah it's just going to be. It's going to really show us what they're made of this year. If if they get to be the hot boys ever again. You know home guy yeah. They don't like warm boys. Only like hapless. Yeah we could be. Could not wear that jane with pride last year. That's for damn sure is cold blowers ice cold boys. You know man if well. Yeah i mean can run right through. It's it's it's this season kind of reminds me like of my dating life and not to be so bold but also yours too because the bar so low based off of previous experiences we go from here. Folks like literally have a lot to look forward to bar is on the floor. How low can you go. I mean genuinely. It's better not better. Not dig a hole and go under. The bar is a mask. I swear to god some men dry and i hope they're not be in in our in uniform because mercy it's outstanding but this is not going to go into a dating life conversation unless i have a beverage now and then i might go off but y'all some things no you guys. Thanks so much for hanging out. We're going to let meg go and brave. Those new york streets If you wanna send thoughts and prayers to her. I be like she may or may not have brought some cowboys gear like that goes beyond brand for you. So i'm a little concerned viewers eighty At the time. I believe in you. If i see a giants fan attack them okay. Well there's that now i'm very clear skies. Make sure subscribe to the bottom of the boys. Podcast feed very your podcast with the spotify apple. Itunes or stitcher can also follow us on social media. I'm on instagram at. Hey kelsey charles also on the twitter at kelsey underscore charleston. Megan is at meg. Murry with four. I know you're in the northeast. And i know you're specifically in the city but i feel like you're close enough to say these words with more emphasis than usual so leave the people with what they want. Megan dallas forever philly for never and for good measure. The giants birds aren't real giant. Suck in men. How about you just step it up. In general thanks. good bye. No more snowmen better..

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