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And I've told you this several times to taking a course with you teaching and learning in virtual worlds where I just got. So inspired by looking at things that were I thought were in the future were already happening now in in today's world, and we were able to go ahead and experiment with things. And then I was like I can push myself beyond where I'm actually at. And then do something. Really progressive really something crazy. And that's when I decided to go ahead and pitch the idea to buy my craft for by school. Yes. And then that started this journey that I'm right now in continuing to be on with his even with this podcast and meeting, Mike, and and doing all of these things. So thank you, first of all, you bet. And I'm sure there's a lot of people out there with executive that. I wanna thank you for for kind of pushing us in inspiring us to go ahead and add really take the risks that are there that and then being able to reap those rewards with our students and all of the great things. So I guess the first thing I wanted to go ahead and talk about doctor house close, Mike and I discuss e sports on the show quite often. And it seemed to get nationwide headlines when ninja was on the hover of ESPN the magazine. So give us a rundown on the state of e. And it's explosive growth that has happened both at Boise state university and throughout this country. You bet, but but I will do it on one condition, and that is that we touch back on on this discovery that you made a couple of years ago that I think brings you to the place that you are now in the discoveries. You've made is that fair that's fair. Okay. Little quid quid pro quo here. All right. So east bortz is competitive gaming, right? It is it is organized competitive video game against different teams or institutions if you think about it that way, it's it's not you, and I just jumping on and playing some some overwatch together late at night or you abusing me at her stone. We don't even wanna talk about that. That is one of the affects it's not necessarily that. That's just gaming east sports is the organized intercollegiate inch. Interscholastic league related game play. And and this is really important the the media and storytelling around it. I truly believe that there are there to sides of sports to make it any sport one is the competitive element that everybody sees the second one is the storytelling around what we do. Football. Wouldn't be sport. Baseball wouldn't be as kind of barely sport. But it wouldn't wouldn't be a sport. If there were not fans and storytellers around at the storytellers are necessary to help the fans understand why we're watching and why it's important they they can't exist without each other to coexistence. And so the state of east sports college sports, Kalijati sports. And scholastic sports is that we are in the gold rush era of schools competing in east sports with one another regardless of the level. We see amazing things even happening at the middle school level. I saw Steve ISAACs due to a stream of periscope stream the other day of an event happening in his classroom and the game. I had never heard of which I have told a bunch of people about since was I think. Mohan and throwing. Which which is this simple little game where head to head. And you're you're pushing the lawn mower around and fuel is dropping you pick it up. So you can keep running and you pick up other things that you can throw at the person mowing the lawn on the other side of the field from you. Right. Okay. The senate's amazing. It's kits middle school kids playing a game against each other developing strategy trying to execute that strategy success learning about their own strategic development. And then as he was doing. He was the storyteller. He's the one who said this is interesting the outcome is still in question. What's going to happen? The same thing. We would we would see honestly in a high school football game. Anybody who's kind of telling that story? So the the state of it is we're in in a massive..

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