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I don't know why you're trying to follow it up i would be everyone's got gotta every single album has a little different flavor you know and and it's like i'm sure if you have like an hour of comedy you feel like you got to after a while playing over and over and over again you need you need something fresh you i don't know what that's like the same changed joke and no trust me i'm going through a thing all right i'm going to the camera brea take a break and nelas paul is brought the tar we assume it's a guitar it could be some sort of murder device we just found out that i love is murder ready locked the door the second he walked in and then he breaks out any went pesaro murderers house right you'll get his eyes glowing we didn't really read the story he might be the golden killer well that's true i know they said they caught him but maybe he drove by just be like yeah that's right all right hey guys matt here with some dates for you ellis paul's on twitter at palace paul songs but you really wanna go to ellis paul dot com that's where you can back his new album and be one of the first people to actually get the album as you will hear on the show later or maybe you've already heard it i don't know what he said but but the people who back this this thing at this stage will get it probably before christmas and then the doesn't come out until next year so that's worth doing and checkout delvaux levels because there's a lot of cool stuff going on over there l is paul dot com for all your ellis paul needs let's see never not funny is going to be live this weekend in chicago one thirty show it's chicago's rosemont zanies that is never not funny live at one thirty playing games live at four pm on may twelfth and we've got brian newnan and bill leff on those shows respectively probably a couple of tickets left but get in there and while the getting is good and after that we're going to brooklyn but that's sold out on june second so checkout june third we are at acme in minneapolis.

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