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He settles in having still stayed on this charleston roster almost to the all star break as he fouls one back off the sweet level to our left and it strike one melina really struggled in was sent down in mid may last year has stuck around in line at this time starting to heat up this one inside below the hands one ball in one strike tony debris facing leonardo molina roubaix nothing columbia nothing here in the third the right hander kicks and fires swung over the top of the curve ball one and two now molina has faced umbrella seven times his two hits off them in an rbi the one to wave of mitch really had him out on that one shrank him out back to back breaking pitches melinda couldn't touch either of them brian's of both sides of the first one came in the second one he spun low and outside strikeout swinging debris third k of the game and now he's one batter away from being perfect the first time to line appears jason lopez we'll make dan or climb makers weather report by the way for heating cooling and plumbing needs on time and at the right price be sure to visit climate makers dot biz into brel onto.

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