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May be, you know. You haven't already been playing horizon? I have to wait. I'm gonna put it on my horizon. Edition. Monster collectors. Oh, wow. It was one of the few PlayStation franchises I don't have like a statue or something on my collectible list. So I was like, this is the perfect time to get something horizon. So yeah, I have to wait. We tried to get ships. We tried to get the Eldon ring special edition, and it impossible. It crashes websites. So hard. Yeah. This one, I'm very excited as someone who also just within the last year or so because of demon souls was pretty much my start in two souls games has really gotten into them. I know they're obviously very much not everyone's cup of tea, but yeah, I guess it's gonna be so, so fun. If what everyone has said about it, it lives up to. Did you beat demon's souls? I did be demon souls, yes. You did, okay. Yeah. From what I've, I'm hearing conflicting reports. My brother in law is one of those like, he knows everything about dark souls, right? He knows. He just knows everything about that game. He's like, oh, you're an andor Orlando. I know how to get there in 30 minutes, and you're like, man, it took me 19 hours. He says that dark souls is like easier than demon's souls, where the person I'm playing with, she says that demon souls is leagues easier than dark souls. The darkest way harder. My only thought is demon souls can be much easier if you go all in on magic, which I did for my first run because there's a spell that you get in the magic class that is like ridiculously overpowered. If you level it up. And that can that can make boss fights nothing because you can just stand back and kind of throw volleys at them and it's just, it's nothing. So I'd say demon souls is tougher if you're playing it like a traditional playthrough, like a first playthrough. It's tougher. But it's easier to exploit things in demon souls than it is in dark souls. Whereas dark souls has a more balanced, difficulty curve, regardless, you think you can try to cheese things and something you'll be able to choose in dark souls series, but not always. Oh yeah, on my 17th attempt of fighting orenstein and smell. I was like, I know everything about these guys. And then he all of a sudden ornstein just like backhands me and I was like, he never did that once. In 17 why did where did he get this move? What the hell? The fun of a souls game when they don't use your moves. Yeah, I would say yeah, demon souls if you're using the magic, but I think Jada is on the money with yeah, if you're playing them sort of equally, probably the other way then. But yeah, I can't wait for elden ring. I'm sure we'll be talking about it a lot on the show. We'll also probably try to bring in Mitchell to get his advice on he and Jada can coach us on how to have the game. But other than that, yeah, just quickly to mention on my end. We're in this weird situation I wrote about it in sort of a preview of 2022 piece that Marcos did the editor on the PlayStation side of WB games has four potential games coming out this year and I would not be shocked if one of them gets delayed. But right now I am really, really hopeful that got them nice is awesome. Obviously, rock steady has the pedigree with the Arkham night trilogy or the Arkham trilogy excuse me. And WB games lasted, what was that one called? I can't even remember. Fortunes? Or do you? Yes. Yeah, which I definitely think had some open world fatigue problems going on with it, but I think the story was really well done, and I think their approach to Bruce and the villains in that game was excellent. And so if they're applying that to a wider view of the arc of The Batman universe and introducing the court of owls, which is just a phenomenal villain arc in The Batman comics, like if they're able to pull all that off and make it really interesting. And spooky and exciting and make you feel powerful against all these enemies. I'm hopeful for this one. It's, again, it's still to be seen what the experience of playing is going to be like with progression. And things of that nature because you can play as one of four different bat family members because Batman is dead. He's definitely not dead. But we'll see what happens there, but I think their approach to Gotham and their approach to having these villains have sort of these sectors that they're in control of and you having to go and approach them the way you want to could potentially be really awesome. We'll see how that one plays out, but yeah, I think that one also probably is most likely to come out this year. But we'll see, there's also LEGO Star Wars Hogwarts legacy and Suicide Squad from WB games. So we'll see which of those were actually comes out. But this year is a ridiculously packed and we're going to have a ton of those games to cover hopefully in the months to come on the show. But before we get to covering all of those, I do want to briefly just mention the games you can actually play this month on PlayStation plus. I do want to give those a quick shout out. They're currently available to download right now. The three games are deep rock galactic persona 5 strikers and dirt 5. Now, if I'm reading the run of show correctly, Tom, you're the only person on the show who has played the deep rock galactic, correct? I don't know what happened there. Wait a minute. Wait a damn minute. Even though Mark mentioned earlier in the show that he had played some deep rock galactic I'm pretty sure Tom, you're the only one who has played the appropriate times just gonna go through and resolve all my comments. You haven't anymore. But no, this is a multiplayer game that has been available on other platforms, PC Xbox, I believe. Is making its PlayStation debut on PlayStation plus, which is always great for a this is a cooperative multiplayer game if I'm not mistaken correct. Sorry, should play this game. I know you both have played but yeah, Tom, I just want to start with you. You've told me to play this game for a long time. So I just want to start with you. What do you love so much about deep rock collect? Yeah, and if.

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