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With a lot of time off he's looked excellent so far but. Against, very. Limited opposition he has to be excellent against a good opponent now for the steelers to win this game, I, disagree with you, I think the more the person that has to have the better game as Baker Mayfield. But before I say all of that Ryan Clark, can you help me out here? Who was the idiot Cleveland Brown? That talked about this is the myles Garrett game. Is A game like Karima. Just idiot I'm not calling him an idiot. That's an idiotic statements. Listen myles Garrett sits up gets himself suspended for the rest of the season because snatching a quarterback's helmet to knock him upside the head or trying to knock him upside the head with we try to move past. You remind the world of that. Now how intelligent deck? That's just dumb. Well, there's a reason his on the browns now and still oxygen. I mean that's just dumb. Okay. You sit up there remind the world that we talk to move pass it just think about football opponents going at one another and this guy brings it up light Mas Derek victim like myles Garrett was a victim stop it. Okay. That's number one number two. Here's the deal about Baker. Mayfield, and we have to accept this Baker Mayfield is not the reason to Cleveland, browns. Have won four straight. Kareem. Do that agile mortified carry nick prior to that I'm sorry Ashburton. Damn. Near six yards carry Beckham junior job is legend. He's what mean Kevin Stefanski make sure that Baker Mayfield ain't throwing the damn. Day think of intuitive wins Baker Mayfield. Completed Sixteen of Twenty three of his passes that sixty nine point fifty, seven percent. Okay. They want both gate then they had to throw the ball against Dallas thirty tar. Focused their. Students. The percentage dropped and then they had throat. Tom Last week. About fifty, six percent of the more Baker Mayfield throws the. Day Joe Losing. The Damn game it's. Not a good thing. Why is that relevant? You're proven my point why is that relevant because the steelers have the number two ranked defense against the run? Okay in order to beat them, you need to throw the football and that would mean that Baker Mayfield got the cell up got to step up because the one thing still is GonNa do is let Kareem Hunt or antibiotic from that back deal beat them. They're going to make you roll the ball, beat them through to take them. And that means Baker Mayfield is gonNA. Show up in order for them to pull that off and less Kevin's defence all of a sudden. It has Odell Beckham Junior and Jarvis Landry. Throwing pass on flickers and stuff like can throw now I know they can throw but I'm just saying. Or something like that off rather than a Baker Mayfield go hey ryan. Listen. I. Thank you. Both make good arguments. Steven A. You were kind of Max argument. Then you came back and brought it together. That's why you're great on TV. But I'M GONNA have to agree with Max here to me. It's been rothlisburger and I think for many of the reasons Max mentioned but also because of this ben hasn't necessarily played great, he hasn't been that pro bowl form of the form. We saw him in two thousand and eighteen before he left but he's coming alone. He's also on a team that depends on him much more than the Cleveland browns depend on Baker Mayfield you said it right about me field Steven Kevin Defence number one job is to manage Baker Mayfield to Kevin's. Kirk cousins is Bacon made Breaker Mayfield and that's what he's done. He knows how to win games without allowing Baker Mayfield to play quarterback. We watched him to do that against the Indianapolis Colts and early on in the first half, he was trying to throw interceptions and then in the second half he did. But let's look at the Pittsburgh steelers. In the way they play offense whether it's Juju, Smith Schuster Chase Klay Pool Deontay, Johnson, they want to run through bid Rothlisburger, Eric Bryan in radio, and so what that tells me is you have myles Garrett who'll be hunting Ben Rothlisberger all game don't worry about the fight don't worry about stuff with Mason Rudolph worrying about the way that you are going to him because Ben Rothlisberger is the reason that you win this game defensively they headed stopped people defensively they haven't. Turned the ball over like they did last year and go back to the colts game last week Stephen. The coats are very good defense to the coats were very good against Roy and Kareem Hunt deering Johnson dot show here those guys have been able to turn out yards in spite I mean with nick choke sideline. So I think for this Cleveland Browns, you stick to the same thing you always do you run and run and run and go over the top but Ben Rothlisberger has to lead the Pittsburgh steelers. First of all, you're wrong and I know you know football you forgotten more than. But you are wrong but it's not. Me That is not what bothers me are about what you said it's not that you're raw. Desperate but. You are A. Champion. Law. Because you will play defense for Pittsburgh's Taylor tape that didn't allow people to run on them. I. Just highlight the you out of steel it's up. To In the entire. Against the run with me in order to beat them, you have to have and you. And you just send up to. Cleveland listen what you gotTa do what's been working for you run the football football when no one runs on this Berg if you're. You statement. Gold water, black, and gold you want to sit. Around with a goat with ring what a ring because of that branch Dot Yuko sit up. At big. Well. How could you make? Better than this. So May. Still listen you're trading the steel city, you're betraying them you. WanNa take. Here's the thing. Here's the thing Baker Mayfield. Big. Because they are good against the run or does he just have to get the ball to owed Dell and have all? You guys. Because Odell catching eight your pass and take it to the right which means you've got a better chance of getting the ball to Dell giving it to Kareem. Meeting. Dao playing well. Stephen we were missing is this though the run game is going to lead to whatever the Cleveland browns do Baker Mayfield doesn't have to play well, the Cleveland browns have to play well around Baker Mayfield because that's the way they want gains if Ben Rothlisberger. Does Not show up if been rob Burgers does not play great against the Cleveland browns protect the football score points push the ball down the field the Cleveland. Browns. Game and will win game. Nothing. Lebron. That they're not going to be. PART ARE NOT GONNA Do what they're supposed to do. Committee Bill To throw a football..

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