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Products. We never want to sell by using the the selling point of charity. No one buys all products. We hope because they feel like they're just doing good. We really hope they buy the products because they think that peaceful desirable products. What's great is when somebody sees a piece and thinks it's incredible for what it is and then finds out the story the impact. I think that happens actually aloft. The time with the products that people do have that kind of reaction that was electricity in their head of partnerships. At she told me why the branding and packaging. The company's products is keaton signaling. The browns the issue would like to sit alongside when we look at kind of i guess competitor brands. It's always within like design focused. We wanted their products to sit. Next to like sign are some products or products have been hamedan italy or japan and and they're not same kind of equal footing packaging. We kind of want to simple. We want to avoid anything looking too much like it's kind of come from a show people who buy it. As as as a pity product recently anywhere of social enterprise will have this kind of boss was empowerment or see like very smiling woman with gear. And that's also kind of a trope. I think we want to avoid and hopefully we do where possible. We try and get like photos taken at by photographers in the country. And that can kind of the creative process as much as possible to be done in country so it's not simply like a european outlook on board. Looks good and then having being made in another country as well as very important bringing those kind of different is too and i think that's what makes it really interesting when you see photos of the made. The range of products offered by iska are developed in a myriad of ways. Some in collaboration with names famous in the international design. Seen a second product was actually culprits. That was designed by the architects front. And each of those carpets. They have over a million hand tied knots very few countries in the world which produce such fine carpets and so for us we wanted to show look some of the most famous architects in the world can produce the highest quality luxury goods in country afghanistan. That for us very powerful waste change people's perceptions a lot of our doc saw. I'm not designed by western designers. They the products of the designers in the countries where they have produced. But we also do these these collaborations and yeah the very much. A mutual exchange but sitting alongside these glitzy stock tech's on the ashqar websites are products. That have changed very little. If at all over the centuries one of my recent favorites this the yemeni soapstone pots. So that these cooking pulse and they're an example of basically it just being simply and artisans design and production. It's product that they've been making for centuries and we all really in that case just being a platform for they're made out of their actual big chunks of rock of soapstone from the mountains. Reason this on people have them in families for centuries they just kind of absorb all the cooking without we really just yet. We've just sold them. But then you get to the kind of much more complicated products where we kind of design them from. Start to finish this just on this capsule collection with enjoy their shirts and trousers dresses. And we have designed collaboratively with enjoy. It's inside locked by the kind of work that the men around pakistan where that's the core inspiration and then there's a law makers marks and and the kind of symbols that reflect to make his Embroidered onto those pieces of people sometimes criticize us for for producing traditional things or for adopting tradition. We have strong view. The tradition is constantly evolving and people tend to freeze tradition and for some countries which they would never do in their own coaches so we actually see that coach of exchange between designers in different countries and in different countries. Because we feel it pushes the tradition on it keeps evolving and it keeps it fresh and it means that you're not just oriental orienting and freezing. In time coach unnaturally ensuring a steady product can be challenging when working within countries web okay do disruption provide many religious school difficulty. But iskoe have taken this in stride and found ways to adapt and ensure transparency with that growing customer base preorder model as a way of basically setting expectations. And it means it gives us a bit more for buffer in getting the pros to ourselves with memo timeframe and it was means that we don't hold like a load of dead stock. The people who follow issue do tend to read on newsletter quite a lot which is good because it means that we can actually have that kind of direct communication with customers and tell them that this is what's happening and this is why it's taking a longer though the array of objects from ish guy is buried. You won't see seasonal collections instead. The brain focuses on pieces. that were lost a lifetime. We're in a very fortunate position to be in those different worlds of design and almost working with ngos eight puts things in perspective because it means just immune to those kinds of seasonal fashion trends away when when we get our product on our website. We won't keep when it when it works and we've got that it normally takes time to get something right so then we keep it up. We don't remove and do seasonal stockholm. We want ourselves and be able to keep purchasing that they are. I would say that just in the fortunate position without even comes with its challenges. It makes a lot more interesting in recent weeks. The situation in afghanistan has been the issues focus has pivoted to ensuring the safety of their colleagues the arts and crafts people. They've what's alongside figures. The ryan is currently holding a print sale with award winning photographers. contributing prince. To help raise funds is yet another example were off the brand's ability to remain nimble at a time where it is needed greatly. There are very serious. Consequences of walking in conflict affected regions. Though it isn't easy it is very necessary and if they don't do business within these regions affected by conflict. It is very possible that these traditions of kroft could be in danger of dying out the monocle. I made happens my thanks to elektra assignment. And before that edmund. Lebron of ish car they were speaking to mail evans. And that's all the time we have on today's show if you're keyed even more designed related listening then catch a five minute mid week sister show. Monaco undecided extra it as every thursday. Today's show was produced and edited by mail evans with editing assistance. From sean hickey. Thanks to researchers. Nick minnie's and charlie from court. I'm nolan giles. Thank you very much for listening and goodbye..

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