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Charities. It's 6 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All righty, thanks John and will throw out a new crash and plus a little bit of fog we're trying to find it in the cameras, watch out. Close to water areas, there may be some dense fog, something in the watch for this morning. Clay's got the weather, I'll stick to the roads. The new crash, the northbound George Washington Parkway, right at the ramp, you know where it happens if there's a little damp pavement, the ramp that goes to the inner loop onto the legion bridge. There's a new crash watch response heading to scene and the fog is a little thick can't see it in this one camera. Now, 66 was riding well from roslyn all the way through front royal, they were picking up cones through fairfax county basically from the beltway anywhere out to route 50 watch out along the left side, but you're moving at speed, the new crash has been fucked your county and westbound 66 after the Della plain exit 55, which is exit number 23. The left lane will be blocked with the crash mile marker 19.5 don't have a camera on this one, so you're coming at it at speed. Again, westbound, after Della playing extra 23 mile marker 19 5 watch out. Stay to the right. The crash that happened in the early morning is continuing in Great Falls to close Georgetown pike in both directions happen your river band so it's close between nether cliff hall road and old dominion avenue follow police direction there. In the district, the big event, it's the D.C. bike ride 20 miles of no cars and that's from Georgetown through the mall around Capitol Hill across the

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