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Laura poitras prizen an have done a lot of really great work um but it was it was clear to me that the the big opportunity here was to uh to be a voice for a a broad swath of the country that um and frankly the world that f was finding itself on the losing end of these big global trends whether it's globalization or the incredibly rapid pace of technological change growing inequality um some of these things i think had been in the dna of huffpost all along but there is a lot of things in that dna and that was that that was a that was the time i made the at the time there was a lot of aggregation going on there was a lot of doing everything because it was just getting big really quick yeah and i think that one of the most extraordinary things that that that huffpost at the huffington post accomplished in that time was building something that i think would be very difficult to do now which is a huge brand awareness um i i just came back from india and the aware ernest of huffpost as a media brand um you know really cannot floored me coming from the new york times or i travelled all around the world and talk to people about media brands in my last job at the times which is really a round global expansion um you know people of course we talking about the times as being a major global media player uh which is not surprising it's been around for over a hundred and sixty years it you know is mentioned it when you when you start at the new york times they show you this this this kind of movie real of different pop culture references to the new york times is like kinda partier your ear or indoctrination indoctrination um but the fact that huffpost which has been around for twelve years has is is just as close to the tip of the tongue as the new york times in around the world nearly as a remarkable thing and it's a remarkable story into media and you think there'd be very hard to accomplish yesterday and i think that this strategy of really covering the the waterfront and being ubiquitous and surfing the waves of.

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