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Do you still enjoy running. Oh i love running. It's it's something really. Yeah it will mean when you do it every day for four years you kind of just it becomes a part of it and part of who you are in running is. It's almost like meditation therapy for me almost and but in terms of marathon i think some people just want to see how far they can push their bodies. Yeah and it's pretty impressive. You can get all the way to the finish. Note our especially two hours. I mean that is just moving right there last story here. This goes back to our accessories with a flair and hair. Poll question lerma county halts mask mandate opt out programme for businesses. We talked about this earlier. But lerma counties. Voluntary vaccine verification program has hit a stumbling block the program which would have allowed businesses to opt out of the county's mask mandate if their staff and patrons were vaccinated has been paused by the county health board. The board voted four to one thursday to halt program which was set to begin november. I the board said. The program sparked confusion and anger from community members and businesses. Here's here's my thing. I have been but the biggest advocate for local control over these issues from the beginning. I thought that Even statewide mandate Is too broad. I was in favor of the county mandates but just put politics to the side. Put everything aside. How does this make any sense. Is there a safer room from covert nineteen then a room full of people vaccinated. How does it. We've heard for so long. That the chance of breakthrough case from vaccinated person to another vaccinated person is minimal at worst. But even that's not good enough and the health board is the one. They voted four to one in favor of not allowing this. That's an issue with what are what's the incentive for getting vaccinated other than you know if you're at risk in the vaccine is going to keep you safe.

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