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What is reportedly the largest medical ransomware attack to date and tyler technologies a company that provides the us public sector with software was hit with a cyber attack the week of september twenty first twenty twenty but the biggest data breach of twenty twenty was the solar wind software update in mid december fire. I reported that nation state hackers breached its network and targeted. It's government customers multiple news outlets blame russian government. Hackers referred to as a p. t. twenty nine or cozy bear for the breach which hit more than four hundred and twenty-five of the fortune five hundred all five branches of the us military the pentagon national security agency state department office of the president of the us departments and what appears to be about eighteen thousand microsoft customers now. A quick word from our sponsor part to covid nineteen in network virtualization. It's impossible to talk about tony. Twenty without diving into the implications of the covid nineteen pandemic the pandemic prompted a mass migration to remote work turn the landscape of network functions insecurity shifted because of this shift many of the most viewed articles on sdn central where related to topics surrounding virtualization before jumping into some of the top technology solutions that made waves in the virtualization space. Let's take a look at what exactly virtualization is. Virtualization is the use of software Abstraction layer over computer hardware this allows the hardware elements of a single computer to be divided into multiple virtual computers referred to his virtual machines. Or vm's this allows for more efficient use of hardware. It is a common process. Nowadays and it is at the core of cloud computing software defined wide area network or sdn architecture is a common approach to virtualization and was one of the most read about topics. Sgx central and twenty twenty. Sdn is a network. That is abstracted from its hardware rating virtual overlay. That creates a network that can span large geographical distances. Sdn is typical use to connect several branches to a central hub or to connect multiple locations in large settings such as a college campus..

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