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Listening to W. O. R. T. eighty nine point nine FM Madison and W. O. R. T. F. M. dot you're listening to another green world we closed out that last sept with John Gorka we're gonna look ahead to Joe Jenks Joe's had an outstanding career he actually to classical training invoice but he melds the elements of vocal technique with folk style there was one of the key members of the brother son trio which just within the last couple years had the number one played in selling folk album brother son a fantastic trio they were three individualization to separate careers got together knocked it out of the ballpark now have gone their own path as you can imagine the life of any working musician is complex and they would as often happens in this field travel sometimes fly in for a show if they could afford it on to the next of Joe find singer writes a column for the mad folk news so each month you can get a column from Joe jinx he's doing a song of psych con shuttle and loom welcome Douglas hammered dulcimer player originally teamed up with grey Larsen hammered dulcimer and fiddle other instruments Malcolm was a member of the national Boychoir and this put together a group of teen singers the mood lights and they sung as pleasure and you'll hear it's simply vocalize syllables no lyrics and it reflects a bit of classical styling kind of on the edges of what some would consider folk Cheryl Wheeler Ghandi Buddha the luck of finding a partner who you treasure and from banjo list Bela Fleck with the Scarlatti piece we're stretching the boundaries on this next set down from the mountain hi sixteen counts chicken there's an spring water I gave it all up and wins sure Bob sometimes I don't even know.

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