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Can feel that you know people that you're trying to build relationships with other elected officials that you need can feel that and if you if you go ooh out approach to life you're not going to get very far so i would just say on a personal note that i'm part of that earlier generation as our listeners there's no and it you're speaking of and many times experience being the only woman in the room and i say constantly wherever i am dan it is so much better when you can share to work with other women and let your guard down and if you're feeling threatened <hes> you know the talk about it so i realized on really glad you mentioned that and i understand it because i think it was a totally different time and i've seen progress but still you you know or years ago or three years ago i found myself maybe to other women the room and it was a div that leave that meeting and go on needle confine them and ask them how to navigate something or how we were going to get our principals to turn their thinking or turn their direction so it's still it's getting a little easier but you know we saw ways to go my senior staff often last <hes>. We'll have a conversation like oh. It was exhausting. Today i had to the real world and deal with these other offices who aren't female ladder you know and so we laugh about it but it's still true we saw were to go but we have to understand the women that are ahead of us and the things that they've done and pay homage that and then the women that are coming up with new now at this age <hes> and and find our bridges to each other and support each other in the dust the way that we can. We'll speaking of supporting each other. We know that you've got lots to do. You feel that some of it i hope you'll come back and keep us posted so long as you <hes> i love that under full symposium and and all the rest of it so kelly any final words and then we say thank you yes i just i am so thrilled to see you know chicago and and really in a lot of ways illinois being led by women. I think it's it's so amazing to see and i i just i love the the work that you're doing and the ways is that that you're all working to try to make government more accessible and <hes> you know. It's just really fantastic so so thank you so much for that. Thank you thank you rebecca this. All things women as my favorite things might topics so i'm happy to come any time thinking thing the vote her in segment is a collaboration of two broad talking politics and author rebecca side our theme song called. Are you listening off of the album. Elephants shaped trees the band immunology and we're using it with permission of the band..

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